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2021 Week 43: New Beauty and Product Launches

Published October 29, 2021
Published October 29, 2021

Hard to believe, but more celebrity brands have been revealed, with Billy Eilish and Ellen DeGeneres throwing their hats into the ring. Innovation abounds, with other launches leveraging material science, experiential design, and sustainability.

Spectra: Lauren Bowker founded the material science and design studio Unseen in 2014, bringing together scientists, creatives, and designers to disrupt beauty as we know it. The studio is launching its first direct-to-consumer beauty brand with a physical eye color that transforms in the digital world, reacting to bright reflective silver lights like that of a phone camera flash. The reflective cream is highly pigmented by light and creamy to the touch. The formula is also cruelty-free and vegan, packaged up in a recyclable aluminum tube sealed in a biodegradable vacuum pouch. Spectra is available in two colors: the 4.10, a highly pigmented black, and the 8.08, a barely-there silver-grey priced at £33.

Never Go Along (N.G.A.): Vietnamese fashion influencer Nga Nguyen and LA-based Creative Director Carl Adelson have launched an experiential self and home care brand to empower responsible living and traveling. Nga was dubbed fashion's international "patient zero" after contracting COVID during Fashion Week in 2020; the subsequent public scrutiny and her experience during this time became the inspiration for the brand. She conceptualized her namesake brand while recovering in the hospital and has emerged from the experience with a whole new identity—co-founder and entrepreneur. N.G.A. is a design-led brand that empowers others to live and travel responsibly. The brand worked closely with British design studio Layer to create its bespoke packaging, which uses post-consumer plastic and recycled materials. The inaugural collection, entitled Sandstone Edition 01, includes an antiviral face mask, refillable hand sanitizer, refillable sanitizing hand wipes, tech wipes and home wipes, nourishing hand cream, and a candle.

Sinesia Brand: Italian professional haircare and skincare manufacturer AGF88 Holding's new brand is grounded in the concept that time is the contemporary luxury, and translated that concept into a range of multitasking products and rituals to address the preferences and schedules of consumers. The brand addresses anything from the neck up for professional salons and at-home use with 20 products. The brand launched in Italy with a selection of beauty salons, gradually rolling out in nine other countries in Europe, including Spain, Germany, France, and Poland, to reach 800 professional doors in its first year.

Tenoverten: The leader in conscious nail care for over a decade is expanding its product offering, growing its DTC and retail presence and marking this strategic shift with a new brand identity designed by Los Angeles-based creative agency The Outset. The comprehensive range of salon-grade treatments, tools, and kits elevate skincare for the nails, hands, and feet. All products are vegan and cruelty free to complement their existing bestselling products.

Eilish: Launching in November, Grammy Award-winning artist Billie Eilish reveals her first venture into beauty with a fragrance developed in partnership with Parlux. The amber gourmand perfume is described as cozy and nostalgic, with notes of amber, cocoa, vanilla, and warm spices. The bottle is inspired by Billie's favorite parts of the body: the chest, neck, and collarbone, and is gilded in beautiful amber-bronze. The perfume will launch direct-to-consumer priced at $68. WWD reported industry sources estimate the fragrance to reach $60 million in sales for its first year on the market.

Kind Science: The brainchild of Ellen DeGeneres and beauty industry pioneer Victoria Jackson. The curated skincare range is launching with seven daily-use products that leverage science and innovation to deliver age-positive results enhanced by nature. In a category overwhelmed by anti-aging messaging, Kind Science is shifting the focus to embracing life with the support of skincare that gives you real results to address the laugh lines and lifelines you gained along the way. Priced at $22-$48.

Farmaesthetics: The newest member of the Farmaesthetics family, Lemon Cuticle Cream was created to remedy dry cuticles and hands irritated from repeated hand washing and sanitizing. A luscious preparation made of soybean oil (non-GMO), lemon peel oil (cold pressed), and lime peel oil (cold pressed), the product is lightly scented, super-emollient and quick to absorb. The aromatherapeutic benefits of lemon help relieve mental exhaustion, boost self-esteem, and improve cognitive function and concentration. Priced at $24.

Wonderskin: Following the success of the Wonder Blading viral Peel and Reveal Lip Color Kit the brand is expanding into hybrid makeup meets skincare SKUs with PUREVOC (COVERUP spelled backwards). The collection includes face cream, serum, and an eye cream aimed to dramatically improve the health and quality of skin while delivering immediate, all-day visual enhancements found in makeup.

Compagnie de Provence: The cult-favorite brand introduces a new fragrance to its chic lineup. Revitalizing Rosemary is a citrus, aromatic scent that blends the revitalizing freshness of rosemary with notes of blood orange sage and lavender. The scent is available in hand cream and the classic Marseille liquid soap.


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