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NEXT Awards Finalists 2023: Beauty and Wellness Product Innovation

Published September 5, 2023
Published September 5, 2023

In an industry that sometimes moves at the speed of TikTok, brands compete on speed to market, chasing often elusive viral moments. The barrier to entry has never been lower when it comes to launching a beauty brand. Platforms, stock formulations, and turnkey solutions have emerged, reengineering the process of bringing beauty and wellness products to market, often a pain point for young brands.

There’s a reason so many brands and products feel the same—because they are. While they have this time and place, private-label products will only get you so far in a landscape that has never been more crowded or competitive.

Product development in the beauty and wellness category is one part science and one part art form, with success emerging at the intersection of left-brain analytical and methodical thinking and right-brain creative thinking. For today's breakthrough brands, product development sits at the heart of the business. Next-gen innovation in formulation, technologies, and textures provides unlimited possibilities limited only by the imagination.

The 2023 NEXT Awards finalists in product innovation all share one common denominator: these brands break through the noise with product innovation that rewrites the rules and forward-thinking products that challenge the tried and true.

Our judges were chosen for their depth of experience, from beauty pros to product developers and seasoned merchants. They evaluated 170+ submissions across categories using the following criteria: 

  • The creativity and innovation of the product concept
  • The connection between the product formulation and the package
  • The product’s ability to deliver benefit promises and the substantiation of claims
  • The context of the competitive landscape and its memorability
  • The use experience of the product

The Judges 

INNOVATION - PRODUCT:  Recognizes innovation in a finished product launched to market related to either formulation, delivery system, new format type, use of technology or sustainability.

Best Breakthrough Product (Bodycare)

  • Fig.1 - Retinol Renewal Body Serum
  • Gntl - Skin Wash
  • maude - Ingrown Hair Oil
  • Mustela - Stelatopia+ Lipid-Replenishing Cream
  • Skinfix - KP & PsO Smoothing Body Treatment
  • Tan-Luxe - Express Water
  • TRONQUE - Vitamin C Body Oil

Best Breakthrough Product (Color Cosmetics)

  • DIBS Cosmetics - Status Stick
  • Grande Cosmetics - 2-in-1 Tinted Brow Gel + Brow Enhancing Serum
  • Haus Labs by Lady Gaga - Triclone Skin Tech Foundation
  • KIKI World - Pearl Pretty Nail Graffiti 
  • Le Mini Macaron - Gel Manicure Kit
  • LYS Beauty - No Limits Cream Bronzer Stick
  • Stila Cosmetics - Calligraphy Lip Stain

Best Breakthrough Product (Fragrance)

  • 5 SENS
  • ARgENTUM Apothecary - Les Parfums Infinis
  • O MY NOTE - Ask OlimpIA
  • By/Rosie Jane - DULCE
  • Homecourt - Room Deodorant
  • Makesy - Ultimate Perfume Making Kit

Best Breakthrough Product (Haircare)

  • Alterna Haircare - Bond Repair Intensive Leave-In Treatment Masque
  • DefenAge - 150K Hair Follicle Serum
  • göt2b - Glued Bonding Glue
  • Innersense Organic Beauty - Hair Renew Pre Wash Treatment
  • Innersense Organic - Hair Renew Daily Active Serum
  • K18 Biomimetic Hairscience - Molecular Repair Hair Oil
  • Luna Nectar - Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum
  • Nutrafol - Women’s Vegan
  • Oribe Hair Care - Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum
  • XYON Health - SiloxysSystem Gel

Best Breakthrough Product (Men's)

  • ATWATER - Smooth Target Shave Cream
  • Cardon - Hair Strengthening Shampoo
  • DefenAge - 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream - Men’s Formula
  • ELVY Lab - Regimen
  • MATTR Cosmetics - Ultimate Fix Palette
  • Scotch Porter - Hydrating Body Wash

Best Breakthrough Product (Personal Care)

  • Boom Home Medical - Loona
  • ina - Anti-Chafe Liquid Powder
  • maude - Spot
  • Native - Deodorant & Body Spray
  • Pretty-Britty - Makeup Protectors
  • Shaklee - Protect Deodorant
  • Touchland - Glow Mist Rejuvenating Hand Sanitizer

Best Breakthrough Product (Skincare)

  • Bubble Skincare - Knock Out and Fade Away
  • Kosas - DreamBeam SPF 40
  • Matter of Fact - Brightening and Firming Serum
  • Mother Science - Molecular Hero Serum
  • OneSkin - OS-01 EYE
  • Pavīse - Dynamic Age Defense SPF
  • Pavīse - Lip Defense SPF

Best Breakthrough Product (Tools)

  • Brow Friend
  • HigherDOSE - Red Light Neck Enhancer
  • ion - Luxe 4-in-1 Autowrap Airstyler
  • NIRA - Pro Laser
  • NuFACE - TRINITY+ Facial Toning Device
  • Pavīse - UV Camera
  • Pattern Beauty - Blow Dryer

Best Breakthrough Product (Wellness)

  • Adoratherapy - Clarity Chakra Perfume Oil
  • Heat Healer - Body Belt
  • #LubeLife - Water-Based Actively Trying Fertility Lubricant
  • maude - Heat
  • Timeline - The Serum
  • Vida Glow - Clear

Winners will be announced on October 26, 2023, at the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty in Los Angeles, CA. Find out more here.


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