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Published January 15, 2021
Published January 15, 2021

Dentists broke into the beauty landscape with a focus on technology and whitening in the 1990s with brands like Go Smile and Supersmile. Now, a new generation of dentists focused on aesthetics and a mastery of social media have thrown their hats into the product ring, merging science, beauty, and wellness.

Oral care is slowly beginning to align with beauty and wellness, cleaning up formulations and focusing on sustainability. Fueling market growth is increased consumer focus on oral health and cosmetic dental treatments. The toothpaste market was valued at USD 26.09 billion in 2018, and it is projected to reach $37 billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 6.1%. This new crop of dentist-backed brands is tapping into the consumer desire for aesthetic packaging, clean formulations, creative flavors, sustainable packaging, and an Insta-worthy smile.

Dr. Brian Harris is the founder of comprehensive dental brand Klēn holistic oral care. With three IG accounts and a celebrity clientele, he is recognized as one of the country’s top cosmetic dentists. If you ask him what he does, he would tell you that cosmetic dentistry is what he does, but building confidence is who he is. The line is comprised of tools to maintain optimal dental hygiene and a modern interpretation of the essentials: toothpaste (fluoride-free), mouth rinse (refillable), toothbrush, expanding floss, and breath spray. Klēn offers “full-circle smile support” designed with a modern and minimalist approach that is formulated naturally, non-GMO, and paraben-free.

Dr. Harris believes, “As a cosmetic dentist, I have the privilege of transforming smiles every day and seeing people’s lives completely transform because of it. Often times when we think of a confident smile, we think only about the teeth—but that’s just a small part of it. Healthy gums and fresh breath play a huge role in one’s self-confidence as it relates to their smile.”

Golnar and Haleh Abivardi, self-made entrepreneurs, internationally renowned dentists, and founders of leading international dental group Swiss Smile, have closed the gap between holistic and conventional oral medical traditions and revolutionized their field more than once. vVardis is their latest revolutionary new concept in oral care that combines natural medicine with science, innovation with comfort, and premium quality with sustainability. The Abivardis insist that oral care is not just a question of hygiene and beauty; they are focused on making sustainable, clean products that are good for the entire oral ecosystem.

At the heart of the vVardis ritual is the globally patented WX Formula, an FDA-approved, polyvalent biomimicking hydrogel that whitens safely and helps protect the teeth. In combination with fluoride, WX Formula takes care of enamel naturally, boosting fluoride’s power. WX’s whitening action is peroxide free, coming from hydroxyapatite (HA) crystals that scatter and reflect light.

“Our goal has always been to motivate people to take care of their oral health,” says Dr. Med. Dent. Golnar Abivardi. Adds Haleh Abivardi: “As doctors, dentists, researchers and mothers, we know that when your mouth is healthy, your body follows. We wanted to develop products using the safest and best quality ingredients that are both good for your health and leave your mouth completely protected.”

Based in Galway, Ireland, dental care brand Spotlight Oral Care was founded in 2016 by Dr. Lisa Creaven, Dr. Venessa Creaven, and Dr. Barry Buckley to fill a gap in the market for safe, effective products with a clean, high-performance oral care brand while minimizing the detrimental effect on the environment.

“Anything that goes into your mouth is directly absorbed into your bloodstream without passing through your stomach and metabolic pathways, which act to reduce exposure to toxic ingredients,” explains Dr. Lisa Creaven.

Every Spotlight Oral Care product is cruelty free, vegan, free from toxic ingredients, and not tested on animals. In addition, their dental floss is made from recycled ocean plastic and their toothpaste tubes are made from sugar cane. The brand is distributed in Boots, Tesco, Dunnes Stores, and most pharmacies throughout Ireland and in 15 countries around the world. The business recently raised €2 million from Dermot Desmond’s private equity fund International Investment & Underwriting (IIU) to fuel expansion in the US through Target, Ulta, and CVS.

Jon Marashi, DDS, whose Los Angeles practice focuses on cosmetic and general dentistry, services the smiles of Hollywood A-listers like Justin Timberlake, Halsey, and Kate Hudson. A cosmetic dentist, Marashi launched a product arm to his practice called Marashi Oral Health, and the first product, the M Sonic, a high-performance sonic toothbrush where form meets function.

World-renowned NYC-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa has set the bar for high-end dentistry with cutting-edge Apa Aesthetic offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dubai boasting a clientele that ranges from Hollywood A-list celebrities to Insta-worthy influencers like Huda Kattan and members of royal families and foreign dignitaries.

In 2016 Apa Aesthetic extended into the launch of products that fill the gap between oral care and cosmetics, with the attention to detail of a luxury brand designed for displaying sink-side. Apa Beauty is sold through top beauty retailers Net-A-Porter, Cult Beauty, Violet Grey, and Neiman Marcus.


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