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Amazon Aggregated Boosted Commerce Acquires WellPath

November 26, 2021 BeautyMatter
November 26, 2021

Boosted Commerce furthers its mission to build the modern-day Procter & Gamble with the acquisition of the supplement brand WellPath.

WHO: WellPath was founded in 2013 with the mission to simplify modern wellness through clean, natural products paired with extensive consumer education and content. WellPath produces non-GMO, gluten-free, and third-party tested products featuring superfoods. This acquisition gives WellPath the ability to double down on its existing portfolio while broadening its reach into new categories.

Redefining the supplement marketplace, WellPath is an innovative solution to modern wellness. Using extensive scientific research, online consultations, and sophisticated proprietary technology, WellPath formulates nutritional supplements tailored to modern consumers' unique goals and needs with products ranging from pills and powders to gummies. The products are sold on the brand’s website and Amazon.

Founded by Keith Richman and Charlie Chanaratsopon, Boosted Commerce buys, builds, and grows high-quality commerce brands. Through its use of proprietary data and technology, Boosted identifies market opportunities, product trends, and emerging brands. Boosted then fuels rapid growth of its portfolio using its "Boosted Brain" playbook containing more than 1,250 e-commerce operating procedures. Boosted has acquired 40 brands that boast category-leading products distributed across Amazon, Walmart, and other retail channels along with a competitive D2C presence.

WHY: This acquisition underscores Boosted's dedication to becoming a leader in the wellness space. With its deep industry expertise both on and off Amazon, Boosted plans to scale WellPath through new product development and offline marketing to complement the company's existing suite of top-line wellness products.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: "At Boosted, not only are we not intimidated by these categories, but we are actively pursuing them," said Boosted's CEO and co-founder Keith Richman. "We think there is an incredible opportunity within wellness as everyone from Gen Z to Boomers recognizes the positive impact that high-quality supplements can have on their well-being. We also have a deep understanding of the customers in these categories. They are more likely to develop an affinity for the brands they love, resulting in repeat purchases and bigger basket sizes."

"Our vision has always been to create a brand that demystifies the opaque world of nutritional supplements with educational, empowering, and engaging content and products," said Colin Darretta, co-founder of WellPath. "The Boosted team understands the supplement market and the nuanced challenges it presents as well as anyone we spoke with and was clearly best positioned to enable us to deliver on our mission," he added.


  • Boosted Commerce acquired WellPath.
  • From 2019 to 2020, WellPath's sales grew 139%, and this year, WellPath earned a top spot on Inc.'s fastest-growing companies list, ranking #68 out of 5,000.
  • Boosted Commerce has raised $380MM in capital, and its portfolio includes beauty and wellness barnds Simplified Skin, Asterwood Naturals, Wick & Strom, and Kroning.
  • The business has seen explosive growth in 2021, having expanded its team 4x, and expects to collect more than $130MM in revenue by the end of the year. In Q4, Boosted is projected to increase revenue by more than 64% compared to Q3.

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