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Amyris Shutters Onda Beauty Amid Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Published August 15, 2023
Published August 15, 2023
Onda Beauty

Amyris is exiting the consumer brand business, shutting down three brands, including Costa Brazil and retailer Onda Beauty. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will sell off the remaining brands.

WHO: Opened in 2014, Onda Beauty was co-founded by Larissa Thompson, Sarah Bryden-Brown, and actress Naomi Watts. It has two stores in Tribeca and Sag Harbor. The retailer offers an assortment of brands that meet its criteria, including a no-list of ingredients 79 items long and guidelines for synthetic ingredients. The locations also have a service component offering facial treatments.

WHY: Amyris plans to return to its roots of developing bio-based materials after shedding its consumer portfolio and restructuring the company's cost structure, capital structure, and liquidity position after exiting bankruptcy proceedings.


  • Amyris is exiting the consumer brand business and shut down Onda Beauty, before filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 
  • In April 2022, Amyris acquired Onda Beauty. 
  • A July 2021 press release announced Amyris and Naomi Watts were joining forces "to create a new consumer brand to provide science-backed, menopause wellness personal care." Amyris launched the brand, called Stripes, in October 2022.

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