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Aptar Beauty Acquires Sustainable Fragrance Sampling Company iD Scent

Published March 5, 2023
Published March 5, 2023
Narciso Rodriguez

Aptar Beauty, part of Aptar Group, acquired iD Scent, a French company that manufactures sustainable fragrance sampling solutions.

WHO: Founded in 2004 by Michel Caffon, Lyon, France-based iD Scent is best known for its patented 2019 Scentouch fragrance sampling solution. The company has proprietary manufacturing processes and is committed to sustainability using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificated papers. Their Scentouch, Scentpad, Scentdow, and Scentest sampling technologies target press, retail, training, street marketing, and e-sampling channels.

Aptar Group is a leading global supplier of a broad range of innovative dispensing, sealing, and active packaging solutions for the beauty, personal care, home care, prescription drug, consumer health care, injectables, and food and beverage markets. Headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois, the company has 13,000 employees across 20 countries.

WHY: The acquisition will strengthen Aptar's portfolio of fragrance sampling solutions, adding a 100% paper-based customizable and e-commerce capable product. This transaction also reinforces Aptar’s commitment to supporting a more circular economy where packaging materials can be easily recycled.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “iD Scent meets the growing global demand for fragrance sampling that cares for the planet,” said Marc Prieur, President of Aptar Beauty. “The combination of Aptar’s global scale and iD Scent’s unique capabilities will enable further collaboration on sustainability actions and objectives with our customers. iD Scent’s offerings are made of paper which helps promote recycling. This partnership reinforces Aptar’s commitment to supporting a more circular economy, where packaging materials can be easily recycled.”

Maxime Caffon and Julie Naso, co-Executive Directors of the company and the children of founder Michel Caffon, added, “Since its creation, iD Scent has been developing through innovations aiming to reduce the environmental impact of fragrance sampling, while staying true to our family values. We were convinced from the start that, even if a sample is by definition a one-time usage, we could make it more durable. They added that Aptar’s “commercial and industrial power, together with our knowhow, will enable us to serve faster the global need for more sustainable sampling solutions.”


  • Aptar Beauty, part of Aptar Group, acquired iD Scent.

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