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Published November 18, 2020
Published November 18, 2020

Conscious consumerism is no longer just a trend. Consumers are actively reducing their impact on the environment through the brands they chose and more ethical and transparent purchases. Authentic Beauty Concept merges the best of science for pure vegan formulas without compromising on performance. The brand has furthered its sustainability efforts by offering refill stations in select salons throughout Europe.

Authentic Beauty Concept is grounded in the belief that being honest is more important than being perfect, and they strive to do better every day. As a brand, they believe everyone can make a difference, even with small actions. The collective efforts of individuals and the community at large can keep moving things in the right direction and create real change.

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts: Authentic Beauty Concept has included sustainable elements in the salon offering since launch, including professional education designed to give hairdressers a wider awareness and understanding of sustainability. The launch of the first sustainable in-salon Refill Bar with 92% recycled plastic bottles and 85% bio-based PE labels is another important step.

Using the analogy of the “reusable coffee cup,” the brand is on a mission to establish a similar routine in hair salons, encouraging a circular economy. The new Authentic Beauty Concept Refill Bar prolongs the life of a once “single-use” plastic bottle, cutting customer plastic consumption.

The first phase will provide insights and allow the brand to gain experience so refill solutions can be implemented in more salons in the coming years. The new refill bars are available in select hair salons in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, and Portugal.

How It Works

  1. The stylist provides a personal consultation on the client’s hair routine and concerns to recommend the right Authentic Beauty Concept product.
  2. The stylist will fill a bottle made from 92% recycled plastic with the respective product by using the Refill Bar.
  3. Each bottle is finally labeled with an 85% bio-based PE label, a renewable alternative to polyethylene.
  4. Once the product is finished, the bottle can be brought back to the salon to be refilled, and the cycle starts again.

This program is good for the planet, but it is also good for the salon owners. At a time when consumers are purchasing products across distribution channels from multiple retailers, this provides a reason for consumers to be loyal to their local salon for their haircare needs.


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