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BeautyMatter Beauty Reads Vol. 3

Published May 26, 2022
Published May 26, 2022
Siora Photography

BeautyMatter’s Beauty Reads column is now in its third edition. While our reading list for 2022 was only published a few months ago, many other publications have hit our radar since. Whether you’re flicking through pages on your daily commute or unwinding from screentime with a hardback edition, here are a few options to add to your bookshelf.

Facing the Seduction of Success: Inspiring Stories on Leading in Business While Living Your Life
Jodi Katz with Jan Mitchell

A guide for the professional journey catering to entry-level workers and industry veterans alike, Facing the Seduction of Success is penned by Jodi Katz, founder of Base Beauty Creative Agency and the Where Brains Meet Beauty podcast. Katz employed her 20 years of experience, as well as insights from over 200 interviews with industry leaders, in order to help others navigate topics such as mentorship, career changes, work/life balance, creating an empathetic workplace, and more. A portion of the book sales will also be donated to the Girls Helping Girls. Period. and Skin of Color Society charities, which support menstrual health poverty and diversifying the dermatology field to include more people of color.

Pretty Boys: Legendary Icons Who Redefined Beauty (and How to Glow Up, Too)
David Yi

As founder of Very Good Light, David Yi has been one of gender-inclusive beauty’s biggest advocates. Having had the honor of welcoming Yi on our Evolving Beauty Beyond the Binary webinar, we have witnessed firsthand the wealth of knowledge that he possesses on the subject of beauty history. Pretty Boys illustrates the long-standing practices of men’s beauty and wellness, from Babylonian manicure sets to Clarke Gable’s perfectly arranged coif, ultimately addressing the many facets of masculinity, gender expression, and identity.

Black Skin: The Definitive Skincare Guide
Dija Ayodele

Due to its higher rates of hyperpigmentation and sensitivity, melanin-rich skin has unique needs, with recently launched brands like 4.5.6 and AbsoluteJOI offering skincare ranges catering to this previously overlooked consumer demographic. Aesthetician Dija Ayodele founded boutique skin destination West Room Aesthetics in London, as well as Black Skin Directory online, in order to connect skincare professionals of color, and has now channeled her passion for Black skincare into a publication. Black Skin not only offers consumers solutions for common skin complaints, but is also an educational tool for professionals. Beyond skincare recommendations, Black Skin digs beneath the surface to explore how racism has impacted the beauty industry and the necessary steps towards a more equal future.

The Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy: An Illustrated Guide to Blending Essential Oils and Crafting Remedies for Body, Mind, and Spirit
Amy Galper, Jade Shutes

Aromatherapy has undoubtedly had a renaissance in recent years, capturing the attention of a new consumer audience thanks to a chic upgrade and increased interest in natural remedies. As two experts in the field, Galper (a certified aromatherapist, co-author of Plant-Powered Beauty, and member of Credo Beauty’s Clean Beauty Council) and Shutes (a practicing herbalist for more than three decades who helped introduce aromatherapy to the US in the ’90s, and former President of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) have created a comprehensive journey through the science and evolution of the practice, as well as how readers can recreate herbal magic in the comfort of their own homes. Think plant profiles and remedies for everything ranging from flu recovery to self-love.

Radical Radiance 
Angela Jia Kim

A physical manifestation of the concept of beauty working from the inside out, Radical Radiance is a 12-week program designed to help “readers to radiate inner and outer glow to manifest beauty, abundance and joy,” written by the CEO of Savor Beauty + Spa, Angela Jia Kim. The publication contains not only beauty practices as a means of self-love (informed by the author’s Lorean beauty heritage and industry experience), but more than 50 self-care prompts and rituals to awaken one’s internal beauty in order to reap its benefits in everyday life.

Atlas of Perfumed Botany
Jean-Claude Ellena, translated by Erik Butler

With a trademark minimalist approach to fragrance construction, perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena has always had a unique eye for perfumery. So who better than Ellena, the former in-house perfumer for Hermès whose inspirations range from the Nile river to the city of Beijing, to create a cartography of perfume depicting the geography and botany of fragrance creation? Described as “a poetic, geographic, and botanical journey of perfume discovery,” Ellena’s atlas undoubtedly offers material aplenty for the eye, nose, and mind to wander.

Skin Revolution: The Ultimate Guide to Beautiful and Healthy Skin of Colour
Dr. Vanitta Rattan

As a cosmetic formulator, Dr. Rattan knows first-hand the lack of product development for melanin-rich skin. Skin Revolution compiles her extensive research with straightforward tools and tips on how consumers can best look after their skin while avoiding pitfalls of beauty marketing myths, in addition to providing them with general skin chemistry and product formulation knowledge in order to empower more informed choices in the beauty aisle.

Skintelligent: What You Really Need to Know to Get Great Skin
Dr. Natalia Spierings

In a bid to counteract influencer-driven skincare recommendations with factual evidence and scientific studies, Skintelligent offers a straightforward, budget-minded approach to dermatological solutions. Dr. Spierings is a consultant dermatologist, Mohs micrographic and dermatological surgeon, as well as a skincare educator with over a decade of experience. “If you have a problem with your skin—whether it is pimples, pigmentation, overly dry skin, large pores or whatever—it is a skin abnormality and cannot and will not be corrected with a three-step skincare regime you buy at a department store,” the publication’s intro text states. Strong fighting words, but also refreshing.


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