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Beauty Suppliers Get Smart with New Packaging Innovations

Published March 19, 2023
Published March 19, 2023

Cosmetics would not exist without the very thing that holds them—packaging. Behind the scenes of best-selling products, suppliers are working endlessly to create environmentally safe, innovative, and practical packaging solutions. Today, the pressure on them is increasing, with 81% of consumers demanding sustainable containers for their cosmetics. Responding to these requests, several suppliers have entered 2023 bringing high-tech packaging elements. From Bormioli Luigi’s glass and wood lipstick container, to Sincoplas’ cosmetics packaging inspired by airplanes, BeautyMatter has rounded up the best supplier packaging breakthroughs so far.

Bormioli Luigi: The Italian glassmaker has created glass and wood lipstick packaging named Tango, crafted in collaboration with sustainable packaging innovators Minelli Group. Tango is made with an FSC-certified wooden base and glass cap, which is fully customizable in finish, color, stain, and functionality. The central ring of the product is made from bioplastic and features a removable clicking mechanism. Tango is refillable, designed to last, and look visually appealing while doing so. The packaging is assembled without glue, making it easily separable for full recycling.

Bormioli Luigi is also signed to the Stella McCartney skincare range, creating packaging for the Reset Cleanser, After-Care Serum, and Restore Cream. These products are recyclable and refillable, with pouches and caps made readily suitable for recycling streams, while the pump, bottle, and jars can be reused infinitely. The supplier’s manufactured jars and bottles, available in turnkey or customizable designs, are created from 15% recycled content. In 2023, the company has committed to boosting its eco-designs, hoping to offer packaging with as high as 40% recycled glass content.

Sincoplas: The plastic molding gurus have created Heavy Metal, a material that has similar characteristics to metal but is more environmentally friendly, as well as injectable, like plastic. The product is entirely recyclable and can be used for cosmetic and perfume packaging options. The material was created after the brand began looking for elements where their primary usage could be changed to offer a sustainable packaging solution. It is often used in aeronautics to produce technical airplane parts and can be recycled even after being painted, lacquered, or metalized. According to Sincoplas, Heavy Metal is very easy to engrave and has no constraints regarding the shape or size of a product's packaging requirements. The material is set to be available on the French market in March 2024.

Lumson: The skincare and makeup packaging supplier has launched a lightweight PCR PE version of its APP 355 airless standard product. Named APP Light, the 50ml airless packaging offering is 25% lighter than the standard APP 355 and contains 80% PCR plastic. According to the supplier, APP Light produces 19% less CO2 emissions than its original counterpart, while offering the same formula protection due to its multilayered pouch design that acts as a defense against external agents. The packaging solution can be easily customized with engravings, effects, and decorations, meaning cosmetics brands can harness the offering's sustainability benefits while staying true to their own branding.

Minelli: The Italian supplier that specializes in wooden components has revealed mPackting, a range of low-carbon packaging solutions, Minelli’s first creation tailored towards the beauty industry. The mPackting collection, named the Silva range, features the aforementioned Tango lipstick case, and skincare jars, lipsticks, compacts, and caps for perfume created in partnership with designer Thierry de Baschmakoff. The offerings are made of wood, cork, and mBlack, the supplier's proprietary material that is derived from wood chips and entirely biodegradable. All packaging options created as part of mPackting are fully recyclable and can be made with refillable elements that can be separated via a clicking mechanism to avoid the use of glue. To showcase how mPackting’s collection works, Minelli has partnered with Albéa to provide mascara and lipstick packaging, which is set to be released at the latter end of the year.

Knoll Packaging: Knoll Ecoform molded pulp compacts are patent-pending makeup storage options created from a material composed of bamboo, wood, and sugarcane fibers. The Ecoform molded pulp is fully recyclable and can be molded into creative shapes and color matched. The compacts were created after a year of research and development and have been created to easily feature customizable designs, including embossing and FSC paper marks. The product was created as part of Knoll's ambition to contribute to a more sustainable world through design innovation. The business plans to eliminate 200 metric tons of plastic from its supply chain by summer 2023.


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