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Beautyologie – Online Destination for Fair Trade and Ethical Beauty

Published July 2, 2021
Published July 2, 2021
Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Longtime beauty PR professional Robin Tolkan-Doyle created Beautyologie as an online destination for fair trade brands with ethically formulated products from around the globe. She believes if consumers had more awareness about what happens in manufacturing the ingredients used to make beauty products, they might think differently about how they choose to spend their money.

This past year, we've all literally lived in our own bubbles," says Doyle. "Since beauty is what I know, I want to build off of that and help pop these insulated bubbles we live in by bringing attention to people in other parts of the world who are making the products we all use every day.

Beautyologie launched with 17 brands sourced from around the world that all share the same ethos of using beauty as an agent for social change. The merchandising mix includes Tierra and Lava from Guatemala, Some Moroccan and Silktage from Morocco, Kaibae, True Moringa, Shea Yeleen, Terres D'Afrique from Ghana and various countries in Africa, Candela, Essential Oils of Peru, Arbor Mundi from Peru, 700 Rivers from Bangladesh, Love, Indus from India, and a handful of others.

Doyle said, "I wanted to create a space in the beauty world for social change that can enlighten consumers, not just about the ingredients in their beauty products and what they do to your skin, but dig a little deeper and start a conversation about the origin stories behind the products."

Much of the beauty industry is reliant on the agriculture industry, yet it's a topic that isn't usually spoken about. "Shea butter, cocoa butter, sugar, oils from Baobab, Moringa, Argan and Marula, and even Mica, all come from natural resources around the world," says Doyle. "It's one thing to include these ingredients in a product and call it ‘natural,’ but it's an entirely other thing to make sure that these ingredients are sourced in an ethical manner, that the people sourcing them are being treated fairly and humanely, and that they're being paid a fair wage."

Beautyologie is on a mission to motivate people to make ethical choices with their purchasing power while educating on the importance of fair trade practices within the beauty industry. On the brand’s website, customers can shop by country of product origin, while the Beautyologie TV section includes video content about the ingredient producers and the impact these beauty brands have had on their communities.


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