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Beauty’s Newest Supplier Packaging Innovations

Published May 11, 2023
Published May 11, 2023

In 2021, the global cosmetic packaging market was worth $30.2 billion and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 3.90% to $37.9 billion by 2028. Contributing to this market, several suppliers are working day in and day out to produce new and effective packaging solutions for the beauty industry to make use of. To stay in the loop of innovative packaging designs, BeautyMatter has rounded up the latest supplier launches:

Lumson: The Italian manufacturer has announced the launch of Eco Dropper, a product with a collar and pipette made of PP and a rubber bulb made of polyolefin—an elastomer compatible with PP recycling techniques. As a result of these materials, all product components can be recycled together in the same chain, simplifying the disposal process altogether. The sustainability measures of the new packaging product have been analyzed by SPICE (Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics) in a process where a comparison between the mono-material dropper and a standard dropper was drawn. The results showed that the Eco Dropper reduces CO2 emissions by 29% compared to a regular dropper. To further encourage sustainable practices, the Eco Dropper can be paired with PCR glass bottles.

Pusterla 1880: In collaboration with Lumson, luxury secondary packaging specialist Pusterla 1880 has created X Paper, said to be an alternative to glass, plastic, and aluminum. X Paper is a pouch technology airless system with an outer shell of cardboard, making it 100% recyclable. The product is laminated with cellulose acetate to provide a strong protective hold and is also said to give cardboard a more luxurious look than usual, while being durable and sustainable. After a SPICE analysis, it was found that X Paper's typical 50ml packaging  accounts for a 41% reduction in CO2 emissions, has 50% less outer shell weight , and accounts for a 47% reduction in plastic use when compared to PET 50ml airless packaging. On top of this, X Paper's components can easily be taken apart once the product is finished to ensure correct recycling practices.

Quadpack: The packaging manufacturer has announced the Regula Petit Jar, a solution for product designers seeking recyclable packaging for miniature products and travel-size designs. The product is offered in two sizes, 30ml and 15ml, and is composed using PET and has a PP cap, which are both recyclable. The design has been created to look and be handled in the same way as the company's Regula Jar range. According to the business, skincare launches in the US had seen an increase of-18% in under 15ml packaging since 2020, making the Regula Petit Jar a no-brainer when it came to its creation.

Morrama: The industrial design company has announced the launch of its latest cosmetics venture, Maya, a refillable packaging range created in collaboration with packaging manufacturer PPK. The range is fully customizable and all packaging options come with refills made from renewable cellulose pulp that, once used, can be recycled as paper. The range consists of lipstick packaging created with a patented design that allows lipsticks to be easily inserted and removed whenever the consumer wishes; a makeup palette available in 10 different sizes with a fully compostable refill pan; and pump and cream pots with a 5% PP/PET lining that allows for the product to be recycled in a paper waste stream, leading to a 98% reduction in plastic usage. Additionally, Morrama and PPK are currently working on a 100% plastic-free refill that is set to be available next year.

Baralan: The packaging experts have introduced a new series of glass bottles named Lilibet. Created to have a "distinct and modern shape," the Lilibet series creates a hybrid of a circular shape with a square profile. The bottles are complemented by gold handle trimmings and matte-black pumps, presenting a luxury feel. The seven-bottle series has been designed for use with makeup and skincare products and feature various sizes ranging from 6ml to 30ml. The designs also have the ability to be combined with various accessories in Baralan's pre-existing catalog, as well as foundation pumps, dropper accessories, and skincare products created by brands outside of Baralan.


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