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Published December 21, 2020
Published December 21, 2020
Better& Better

Better & Better reimagines the mundane task of brushing our teeth with a collection of clean-ingredient toothpastes and a first-of-its-kind reusable dispenser system. The company was co-founded by Vladimir Vukicevic and Jerry Hu, a proven and successful duo focused on creating compelling consumer products that better our lives and world.

Better & Better has eliminated the traditional plastic toothpaste tube with an earth-friendly pouch and reusable dispenser system. The better-for-you toothpaste is housed in a collapsible pouch that is inserted into a squeezable dispenser. The high-shine chrome-plated cap and matte white base of the dispenser eliminates crumpled, messy toothpaste tubes. It is easy to use, clean, and has a window that allows you to see how much toothpaste remains, while also providing a visual guide to help get all the toothpaste out, reducing paste waste by 40%.

The toothpaste pouches are BPA-free, use 45% less material than traditional tubes, and fully collapse, reducing landfill waste by 84%. Next to the dispenser sits an elegant 2-minute hourglass, which marks the ideal brushing time recommended by dentists. The discreet, elegant design serves as a reminder to take the opportunity to create a mindful, elevated moment out of a normally mundane task. Better & Better also prioritizes organic, pure, clean, vegan, and natural ingredients that you can actually recognize in their products.

“Long before clean and organic products were accessible, I recognized the need for products that are better for our health. With Better & Better, we set out to create products that are good in every way they can be. Better & Better makes it easy to improve your existing routine and habits with quality oral care products that focus on clean, organic, natural, simple and recognizable ingredients,” said Better & Better CEO and co-founder Vladimir Vukicevic.

Better & Better COO and co-founder Jerry Hu adds, “With years of experience in the food and beverage sourcing industry, I saw the opportunity to innovate by creating a high-quality product for our health, while being responsible to the planet. With Better & Better, we eliminated the age-old toothpaste tube and the associated ecological impacts to save landfill waste.”


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