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British Beauty Council Forms Sustainable Beauty Coalition

August 13, 2021
August 13, 2021
Rafael Albornoz via Unsplash

The launch of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition is the culmination of a year's work that began with an independent sustainability report commissioned by the British Beauty Council to analyze the beauty sector and the consumers it serves. It launched with an open letter to the industry, calling on the UK beauty and wellness sectors to collaborate and take decisive action to tackle climate-related problems.

The Sustainable Beauty Coalition is chaired by Jayn Sterland, Managing Director at Weleda UK, who believes, "We can turn the beauty industry into something that's really positive, so that we can say hand on heart that our industry is a force for positive change in the world."

The British Beauty Council laid the groundwork for the coalition with its first sustainability report The Courage to Change issued last fall, supported by research conducted by Hubbub on 3,000 UK adults.

  • 90% want clearer information on how to recycle products when finished
  • 88% want information on how to use products in a more environmentally friendly way
  • 86% want information about ingredient supply chains
  • 91% want less packaging
  • 88% want to be able to refill their cosmetics

Chief Executive of the British Beauty Council, Millie Kendall MBE, says, "To make real tangible change, the industry must come together and collaborate, which is why we have formed the Sustainable Beauty Coalition."

She continues, "The beauty industry needs to be transparent, accountable and make changes now —we will lose the respect of the consumer if we don't. We can and should do better—the beauty industry's purpose is, after all, to encourage the intrinsic beauty of people and our planet to shine."

The work of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition will create a framework for action acknowledging the work that has already been done and building upon it by co-creating an overarching framework for action in the industry focusing on the themes of climate, biodiversity, waste, and water.

  • Transparency + Accountability: being clear with customers and others about what sustainability means and progress achieved.
  • Standards + Certification: establishing industry-wide standards that meet the scale of the challenge and ensuring only meaningful certifications are used.
  • Education + Awareness: engage and activate consumers so they are part of the call for better.
  • Innovation and Technology: harnessing the industry's excellence in innovation for good and exploring the role technology can play in delivering the ambition of the framework.

The coalition consists of industry experts and industry body representatives who will report to the British Beauty Council's executive board, with the purpose to develop a clear strategy and roadmap to accelerate sustainability in the industry. The coalition will monitor the roadmap's progress and keep the execution of initiatives under review with a remit to:

  • Develop a clear strategy and roadmap to accelerate sustainability in the industry
  • Strengthen links across the industry, communities, voices, and professional bodies to accelerate collaboration, knowledge, and bolder collective efforts
  • Work with the government to champion the work of the industry and support the agenda in the Race to Net Zero campaign
  • Act to create stronger frameworks and policies for the UK's beauty sector
  • Monitor the roadmap's progress and keep the execution of initiatives under review

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