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Published September 21, 2020
Published September 21, 2020

British femtech brand Callaly has raised £1.7 million in equity crowdfunding on the Crowdcube platform, achieving 170% of target.

WHO: Callaly is an award-winning British femcare start-up and B-corp that invented the tampliner—the first significant innovation to tampons in 80 years. The Callaly team spent a decade developing their product and acquiring patent families across 80% of the global market, before soft-launching the tampliner in 2018. All of Callaly’s packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, its products use only 100% organic-quality cotton, and it is committed to putting its customers’ health before the bottom line.

WHY: The funds will support the start-up as it continues in its mission to offer better solutions for women’s health at much higher standards.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Thang Vo-Ta, co-founder and CEO of Callaly, said: “We have always put our customer and community at the heart of our business and there is no more powerful way to do that than by giving them the chance to be part of our journey.

“We know people are looking for meaningful products and sustainable impact from the brands they purchase from. This marks an opportunity for us as a company built on innovation and purpose. The crowdfund comes as we take our groundbreaking innovation, the tampliner, to Europe. This is just the first step in a global ambition and paves the way for further product innovations to radically improve the lives of people with periods.”

Luke Lang, co-founder of Crowdcube, commented: “In the era of conscious consumerism, people want to work for, buy from, and invest in businesses they believe in, which is why purpose-led B-Corp businesses like Callaly are so well suited to raising investment with Crowdcube.”


  • Callaly raised £1.7 million in equity crowdfunding on Crowdcube, achieving 170% of target.
  • The company had previously raised around €8.8 million through angel investors and government funding. This latest raise brings Callaly’s total funding to £9.6 million.
  • The company holds 4 patents which covers 80% of the market, which Deloitte valued at £90 million, and they have built bespoke robotic machinery for manufacturing.
  • The company’s tampliner, which is multi-patented in 30 countries, is estimated to capture 2-4% of the global femcare market worth £26bn by 2024.
  • Callaly saw a 160% increase in UK subscribers during the pandemic.
  • The company plans to launch in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Ireland in September, with successful trials in China having also taken place.

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