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Published November 13, 2020
Published November 13, 2020
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Spanish pharmaceutical company Cantabria Labs has bought French anti-cellulite body care brand Elancyl from Pierre Fabre.

WHO: Elancyl is a pioneer in anti-cellulite care, based on the properties of plant-based active ingredients that are the result of 45 years of innovation and expertise by Pierre Fabre.

More than 50 years ago, Pierre Fabre invented dermo-cosmetics, a pioneering vision that brings together health and beauty. Based in Castres, France, the group registered sales in 2019 of 2.4 billion euros with products distributed in 130 countries. The company is structured around two main divisions: Medical Care with a focus on oncology and dermatology, and Dermo-cosmetics with a portfolio of global brands including Eau Thermale Avène, Ducray, Klorane, A-Derma, and René Furterer.

Cantabria Labs is a dermatological laboratory posting constant growth with strong positions in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, with its brands Heliocare, Endocare, Neoretin, Biretix, and Iraltone as science and innovation benchmarks in the dermatological category.

WHY: This deal represents an ambitious step by Cantabria Labs to consolidate its position as a leading European skin health company with highly innovative products of proven efficacy and scientific endorsement. Pierre Fabre is divesting to refocus its investments in skincare on brands relying on dermatologist recommendations and populations prone to pathological conditions.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “In a strange and difficult year, when everything around us is uncertain and in flux, we felt we had to be entrepreneurs and remain alert to market opportunities,” said Cantabria Labs President Juan Matji in relation to the deal. “Elancyl products are trailblazers in the body care industry and enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.”

“We are glad to see the Elancyl brand taken over by Cantabria Labs who is ideally positioned to take it to the next level. As far as Pierre Fabre is concerned, this divestiture is perfectly consistent with our strategy of focusing our skincare investments on brands relying on dermatologist recommendation and targeting pathologic skins which is not the case of Elancyl today,” said Eric Ducournau, Pierre Fabre CEO.


  • Pierre Fabre sold Elancyl body care to Cantabria Labs.
  • Elancyl posted a turnover of €9,8 million in 2019 through commercialization in over 20 countries, with leading positions in France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Poland.
  • Elancyl joins the Cantabria Labs brand portfolio with the objective of developing the brand internationally.

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