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July 27, 2020
July 27, 2020
via Chanel

Beauty is not a matter of gender; it is a matter of style—this is the mantra of Chanel de Boy. Chanel took the plunge into men’s makeup in 2018 with a tight three-product assortment consisting of a matte moisturizing lip balm, a tinted fluid, and an eyebrow pencil available in four shades. The brand debuted in South Korea and then rolled out to the brand’s e-commerce platforms and global points of distribution.

As beauty continues to become less binary, more inclusive men’s makeup has gone from fringe to mainstream, with brands like Stryx paving the way in mass retail and War Paint doing the same in UK department stores.

Chanel is expanding its Boy de Chanel makeup collection for men with products intended to subtly refine eyebrows, nails, and complexion. The new items will include three new makeup products and one skincare product, including a concealer, 3-in-1 eye pencil, and nail polish, as well as a fortifying moisturizing gel.

According to Chanel, the products are designed to hide signs of fatigue and mask imperfections while intensifying your look.

Recent data suggests the new generation of beauty consumers prefer a non-binary approach altogether. According to NPD’s iGen Beauty Consumer report, nearly 40% of adults aged 18-22 have shown interest in gender-neutral beauty products. In fact, in a survey conducted by Euromonitor, more than 56% of US male respondents admitted to using some sort of facial cosmetic-like foundation, concealer, or BB cream at least once in 2018.


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