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Clarins Commits to Eco-Friendly Freight Option

June 07, 2021 BeautyMatter
June 07, 2021

As part of its CSR strategy with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint, Clarins signed a letter of commitment to maritime transport with Neoline, a new French shipowner pioneering energy and developing environmentally friendly sailing ships.

“Guided by our ClarinsWeCare CSR promise to care for people and to care for the planet, we are acting with determination to reduce our carbon footprint by 2025. With this partnership, we are pioneering the way forward for our sector and are proud to support Neoline and to take a new step towards making life more beautiful and passing on a more beautiful planet,” said Virginie Courtin-Clarins, Clarins Executive Vice President.

Clarins is paving the way for more responsible freight in the cosmetics industry through active involvement in the energy transition of its transport logistics. In this search for solutions, the business made a commitment to Neoline and its project for a merchant fleet that uses sails as its main propulsion system.

Neoline provides an innovative and unique solution, open to all shippers, which allows for a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions related to the shipping of goods on transatlantic lines, compared to a conventional ship of the same size. Neoline's responsible shipping service relies on clean and renewable wind energy as the main propulsion for its cargo ships, measuring 136m and equipped with 4200 m2 of sails. The pilot line, departing from Saint Nazaire – Montoir de Bretagne, will serve the ports of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Halifax, and Baltimore, first with one and then two ships in rotation to meet the needs of shippers and ensure a departure every two weeks.

The agreement signed refers to Clarins' commitment to reserve 20% of its exports to the US for transport aboard Neoline's sailing cargo ships between Saint Nazaire – Montoir de Bretagne (France) and Baltimore (USA) starting in 2023. This first stage is a concrete step towards more responsible freight.

Jean Zanuttini, President of Neoline, said, “We are very pleased to provide Clarins with the cleanest shipping solution to reach its market in the Americas. Clarins' range of premium and responsible cosmetics will cross the Atlantic to Baltimore on board our sailing cargo ships, reducing its environmental footprint by 90% compared to conventional shipping. As we enter the final phase of negotiations with financiers and the shipyard and prepare to launch the construction of our first Neoliner this Summer, Clarins’ commitment to us is a strong signal.”


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