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Collagen – The Superstar Ingestible Beauty Ingredient

Published February 28, 2022
Published February 28, 2022

The modern beauty standard has evolved from grasping for elusive "fountain of youth" perfection to one of optimizing skin health. This shift has mainstreamed the concept of inside-out beauty and given rise to nutricosmetics. Among the many raw materials that show potential as beauty supplements, collagen is the superstar ingredient, with broad-based benefits ranging from hair and skin nutrition to anti-aging and nail strengthening.

According to SPINS, collagen ingredient sales in the US mainstream supplement market grew 56% in 2021, reaching $241 million, with collagen ranking number 23 on the list of 25 best-selling functional ingredients. Collagen products have become staples in beauty aisles everywhere, from Costco, Sephora, and Target to Urban Outfitters.

Tosla is a leading manufacturer of high-performing liquid collagen products focused on innovating products and ingredients for the beauty, health, and wellness sector. The company evolved from a food-tech sector and is now focused on blurring the lines between food and cosmetics, delivering technologically advanced nutricosmetics built around the four pillars of high performance, user experience, quality and safety, and efficient manufacturing.

To better understand the sector's unique requirements, Tosla tapped beauty and consumer goods industry veteran David Carvalho as the new Chairman and CEO, who brings three decades of experience to the role. "During my life in this industry, I have been able to observe new challenges represented by the blurring line between the topical and ingestible world of beauty," Carvalho shared. "With Tosla's high-performance formulations, which provide real and proven results, I truly believe we can help beauty brands transform profoundly the consumer experience and the results on skin.”   "As more and more companies in the cosmetics industry are discovering the potential of ingestible beauty, Tosla is experiencing a surge of interest globally," said Primoz Artac, COO and founder of Tosla. "David was a natural fit given his extensive industry experience and market knowledge. His ability to drive innovation will enable us to deliver the most sophisticated nutricosmetics to the most demanding players in the beauty industry.”

Beauty is more than skin deep. Consumer interest in functional food, beverages, and supplements with beauty benefits is hitting an all-time high. According to CB Insights, the global nutricosmetic market is worth $217 billion. From gummies and powders to liquid vitamins and beverage, opportunity to integrate collagen into beauty regimes is limited only by the imagination.