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Published November 25, 2018
Published November 25, 2018
Ode to Clean

Diamond Wipes International, the largest wipes manufacturer in the US, has acquired Ode to Clean, the first cleaning wipes made with 100% plant-based ingredients.

WHO: Ode to Clean was founded in 2016 by Solugen, a biotechnology company that specializes in green chemistry. Solugen’s Gaurab Chakrabarti, MD, PhD, a doctor researching cancer, and Sean Hunt, PhD, a scientist, discovered a unique enzyme that produces a pure form of hydrogen peroxide they have called Bioperoxide. With their combined expertise, Dr. Chakrabarti and Dr. Hunt saw an opportunity to integrate Bioperoxide into an everyday cleaning product that does not compromise performance for safety. Ode to Clean is made with 100% plant-based materials and uses solar-powered and wind-powered manufacturing.

What started as a one-person operation in 1994 by a woman who had just immigrated from Taiwan making a living selling hand wipes to Chinese restaurants in and around Los Angeles has become the largest wet-wipe manufacturer west of the Rockies. Diamond Wipes International has been manufacturing wet wipes for more than two decades at their southern California and central Ohio factories.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “We saw a need for natural cleaning wipes without toxic chemicals,” said Eve Yen, founder and CEO of Diamond Wipes International, Inc. “More and more customers are becoming environmentally conscious of the products they use in their daily lives. Ode to Clean is the perfect solution that customers can feel safe using in their homes.”

“Many so called ‘Natural’ household cleaning wipes use toxic chemicals, and rely on petroleum-based manufacturing,” said Dr. Chakrabarti. “Sean and I developed a technology that reduces the waste and pollution in the production process but also created a purer product that would be clean and safe for our families.”


  • Diamond Wipes International has acquired Ode to Clean.
  • Terms of the transaction were not available.
  • Diamond Wipes is launching an upgraded version of Ode to Clean wipes in November 2018 with a biodegradable substrate and an improved formulation of Bioperoxide for more effective cleaning performance.

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