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EWG Verified Mark Launches on Amazon

July 19, 2021 Kelly Kovack
July 19, 2021
Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

Amazon has partnered with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to feature cosmetics and other items that bear the EWG Verified mark. This is one of the latest third-party marks to become part of the retailer's Climate Pledge Friendly initiative.

Amazon has partnered with trusted third-party certifications to enable customers to discover products and shop more sustainably. Products sold on Amazon that hold one or more certifications and are part of the program receive a Climate Pledge Friendly badge.

Customers want a way to make more sustainable and informed shopping choices, and Climate Pledge Friendly is ramping up its efforts to help customers know their purchases meet sustainability standards and are helping to preserve the natural world," said Adam Werbach, Global Lead for Sustainable Shopping at Amazon. "We are excited to add EWG Verified to the Climate Pledge Friendly program's trusted third-party certifications, which allow customers to discover and shop even more Climate Pledge Friendly brands and products.

For almost 30 years, EWG has tracked chemical safety and warned consumers about companies that use hazardous chemicals in items such as cosmetics and other personal care products. Soon after launching the Skin Deep cosmetics database, EWG created consumer databases for household cleaners and processed foods. Products that earn the EWG Verified designation are free from chemicals of concern and meet the strict transparency guidelines EWG has established.

"The EWG Verified mark is recognized as the gold standard for health and transparency," said Carla Burns, EWG's Senior Director of Cosmetic Science. "EWG has long verified cosmetics and other personal care products, and recently expanded into household cleaners, baby diapers and ingredients.

"Because of this new EWG partnership with Amazon, more consumers will learn about the rigorous science-based criteria we've developed to measure a product's impact on human health and our fragile environment," Burns said.

Amazon launched its Climate Pledge Friendly program in 2020, and today has more than 75,000 products featured as more sustainable. Each organization that is part of Climate Pledge Friendly was vetted by sustainability experts within Amazon and third-party consultants to ensure third-party programs are reputable, transparent, and scientifically defensible.


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