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July 15, 2020
July 15, 2020
Faculty World Inc.

The men’s grooming category is at a tipping point, as long-standing gender norms are being questioned and the so-called “ideal” man is transforming. Umar ElBably and Fenton Jagdeo are on a mission to transform how men, and young men in particular, relate to evolving notions of conventional masculinity.

Growing up in a society that hasn’t provided men with the same “permission” to use beauty products as it has women, Fenton and Umar often felt like misfits, “using style as a form of expression in a space that the majority wouldn’t dare to do the same.”

The two have launched Faculty to unravel traditionally held notions of masculinity and give men permission to explore their style through self-care. The brand, steeped in non-conformism, self-exploration, and creativity, targets the individual seeking a new way to be in the world with new ways to explore themselves.

Umar ElBably said, “We straightened our hair in 6th grade, painted our nails, wore overalls—the individual styles we took on in an effort to express ourselves. Faculty’s introduction of cosmetics to the male demographic is no different. At large, society hasn’t provided men with the same ‘permission’ to use beauty products as it has women. Creating a world free of constraints, one that is full of creativity and expression, is a challenge we’re excited to take on. It’s an opportunity for us to transform our current culture into a different, more progressive one.”

The brand’s first launch is a vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic dark-green nail lacquer named “Moss” to be released in partnership with Chase Hudson aka @lilhuddy. A new shade of nail lacquer will drop monthly via SMS.

When we asked why the duo made the decision to launch with a singular nail polish, they said, “We were going back and forth between different products we thought would make the Faculty debut an impactful one. Our creative process is a combination of what we see people looking for, reflecting on present cultural conversations, and what we think is the best product when building a simple routine. “


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