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Published May 17, 2021
Published May 17, 2021

Firmenich unveiled a proprietary digital traceability application for natural ingredients sourcing, from producer to factory. Part of its Naturals Together platform for excellence in Naturals, Path2Farm adds a new, advanced capability for responsible sourcing strategy.

“Path2Farm is one of the outcomes of our industry-leading approach to sustainable business. It demonstrates how Firmenich turns ambitious Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) commitments for Nature and People into clear achievements,” said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO Firmenich. “Our objective is to register thousands more farmers in the traceability program, bringing advanced digitalization to the most remote fields.”

Path2Farm provides access to secure and reliable information, ensuring end-to-end traceability and transparency through farm geo-plotting connecting Firmenich to its suppliers’ ecosystems with a single click. An extensive dataset is available on the platform; farmers’ profiling, field locations, agricultural practices, and environmental data will enable Firmenich customers to visualize the origins of a product, including the social and environmental impact of its production.

“Our proprietary platform Path2Farm already includes three key sourcing countries and contributes to meeting our customers’ increasingly high standards for fact-based and verifiable information,” said Boet Brinkgreve, President of Ingredients. “It measures positive impact generated by Firmenich’s business, from the most sensitive producers’ communities to the final extract.”

Currently, farmers from the Philippines, Madagascar, and India deliver traceable elemi, vanilla, and jasmine. Path2Farm will continue to grow with the addition of new sources. Firmenich is shaping the future of naturals by incorporating digital innovation into its quest for traceability and transparency, across complex supply chains, to meet the expectations of customers and consumers.


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