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Fragrance Creators Expands Its Digital Fragrance Resource

Published June 18, 2021
Published June 18, 2021
Fulvio Ciccolo via Unsplash

Fragrance Creators Association has expanded The Fragrance Conservatory, an online resource that delivers fact-based, contextualized information about fragrance and fragrance ingredients. The science-based information is intended to enhance understanding and appreciation for fragrance and empower consumers to make informed and confident choices. Refreshed with new and improved content, the site’s Ingredient Directory now contains data on the origin, history of safe use, and more on nearly 100 well-known fragrance ingredients.

Launched to the public in December 2019, the platform is increasingly being recognized as the go-to resource for easily digestible information about fragrance, presented in an engaging and creative way.

“The Fragrance Conservatory exemplifies our deep respect for people and our commitment to empowering companies along the fragrance value chain to build trust and meet the educational needs of the public—today and tomorrow,” said Farah K. Ahmed, President & CEO, Fragrance Creators. "The site gives a voice to our network of over 1,000 scientific and technical experts in sustainability, human, and environmental safety, regulatory, perfumery, and more, by making facts and fragrance insights accessible and understandable for everyone.”

“We know people are seeking science-based perspective about the fragrance ingredients in the products they use,” said Tracey Long, Director, Corporate Communications & Reputation, Procter & Gamble, and Chair of the Fragrance Creators Communications Executive Committee. " is a unique offering by Fragrance Creators Association, fueled by members’ expertise, that provides clear, contextualized information about the fragrance ingredients found in a broad range of products—from fine fragrance formulas to personal and household care products—to help consumers build confidence in their product choices.”

With technical support from the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials and the International Fragrance Association, the group is slated to introduce several hundred more ingredient stories and other expanded content in 2021 and 2022.


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