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Free The Birds Creates a Scent Solution for Creative Block

Published May 23, 2023
Published May 23, 2023
Free The Birds

When your business is grounded in creativity, keeping the ideas flowing is requisite for success, but the reality happens to everyone. The three founders of London design agency Free The Birds bottled up a solution called Beautiful Thinking to celebrate creative thinking and give back to the industry they have been a part of for over 20 years.

Partner and Creative Strategy Director Paul Domenet shared, “We are all aware of the challenges currently facing our industry and our aim with this launch was to not only share our passion for Beautiful Thinking and the power of creativity, but also raise funds for a charity that is actively helping the creative sector.

The limited-edition room fragrance was a collaboration with acclaimed independent perfumer Sarah McCartney. The scent uses notes known to have beneficial properties for mental function, which could aid in inspiring the imagination. The blend rests on a bed of upcycled rose with a punch of peppermint to improve mental clarity, cedarwood and patchouli for focus, and finished with notes of comforting Cashmerian Velvet.

Domenet added: “Nothing is more powerful or provocative than our sense of smell. It stimulates our appetites, flies us back to our childhood, transports us to people and places we love and have loved. We’re delighted and honoured to have partnered with Sarah McCartney on this beautiful room fragrance, which we hope will ultimately help to empower the wellbeing of young, creative people.”

Beautiful Thinking is thoughtfully packaged in a refillable and recyclable glass bottle. A Virginian Cedar pencil lies inside the bottle that will continue to infuse the fragrance over time. You can purchase the Beautiful Thinking Fragrance online, with all profits donated to Create, a charity that enhances the well-being of adults and young people through the creative arts.

Nicky Goulder, founding CEO, Create, said, “Our mission is to use creative arts to empower lives and enhance people’s wellbeing. It perfectly aligns with Free The Birds’ own values and purpose, so we are honored to have been chosen as the charity partner on this initiative. Anything that helps encourage creativity is so important, now more than ever. Our work sees us supporting individuals to fulfil their potential, and the profits made from this will go directly towards upskilling society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people.”

The Beautiful Thinking fragrance aligns with the organization’s values of good design and the carefully curated collection of classic, beautiful, and cutting-edge books, gifts, and objects focusing on architecture, furniture, and all aspects of design, from graphic design to fashion.


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