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Givaudan and Tmall Debut AI-Powered Fragrance Co-Creation Model

Published October 20, 2022
Published October 20, 2022

AI is undoubtedly showing a multi-touchpoint impact on the fragrance industry, be it questioning the role of the perfumer, offering customers app-driven customization, or creating memory-generated scents. Fragrance manufacturers have been partaking in the artificial intelligence endeavors, with Firmenich recently launching a platform to streamline and simplify the fragrance creation process for entrepreneurs.

Following a Series A investment in Next Beauty China, Givaudan is continuing to keep its sights East, launching Creatogether, an AI-powered co-creation service “with unsurpassed sampling speed,” with the Tmall Innovation Centre (TMIC). The Swiss manufacturer and China’s largest e-commerce platform, which have been working in partnership since June 2021, are tapping into a powerful market. Fragrance sales in China are approaching $1.27 billion this year, expected to grow at 7.27% CAGR until 2026.

Last year, the duo partnered to create the T-Lab Source Innovation Laboratory to accelerate scent creation, allowing for end-to-end development in as little as four weeks, adapting to the increasing rate of an ever-accelerating market. Creatogether combines Givaudan’s Ai-powered fragrance assistant, Carto (a touchscreen-powered fragrance formulation assistant for professional perfumers) with the consumer behavior data insights of the T-Lab innovation laboratory, including TMIC’s olfactive culture map.

The outcome is a five-step tool that encompasses the creative research process, AI-assisted fragrance creation with instant sampling technology, and product launch strategy and marketing. “Our unique co-creation model allows brands to get deeply involved in the fragrance creation process,” comments Yaling Li, Head of Fragrances Greater China & Korea at Givaudan. “Thanks to a visual touch screen, customers are able to quickly realise their olfactory vision. The interactive process is carried out in close collaboration with our perfumers, harnessing the latest data insights from TMIC and the infinite creative capacities of Carto.”

Whereas the traditional model of fragrance product development would consist of a written brief and visual mood boards, with (often) multiple rounds of samples and alterations, Creatogether is hoping to break down the barrier between perfume lab and brand owner with the help of digital connection and machine learning-powered efficiency.

“We are proud to support Givaudan in developing this exciting new co-creation service for the fragrance industry. Our common goal is to bring agile solutions to the market by connecting consumer insights with industry knowledge and expertise, so as to provide users with instant, accurate and personalised fragrance products,” states Tian Qi, Head of Tmall Innovation Centre. As the race to develop the next blockbuster scent amidst increasing competition continues, Creatogther hopes to offer the proverbial booster button.


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