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Glossier Hits Los Angeles with New Permanent Flagship

Published November 19, 2021
Published November 19, 2021

Fueled by $80 million of fresh capital, Glossier continues its brick-and-mortar push following opening a permanent location in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood in August, which had 35,000 visitors in the first two months after opening, with makeup performing exceptionally well.

The newest flagship store in LA's West Hollywood is just a few blocks away from their former spot on Melrose Place. The latest outpost was designed by Glossier's in-house creative team and inspired by classic Hollywood studios. The dramatic new location takes up an entire block and is imbued with Hollywood-esque elements such as gigantic billboard-like Glossier lettering on the facade, massive props, and amphitheater-style seating.

As a digital-first company, Glossier isn't defined by traditional brick-and-mortar rules. It has had the freedom to be experimental, which is reflected in the design. Their stores have never been about just selling products; rather, visitors are invited to participate in a beauty experience that facilitates people-first beauty discovery and Glossier in 3D. This approach to retail reflects hybrid shoppers that engage in multiple online and offline channels before making a purchase.

"Consumers aren't looking to visit stores simply to transact— they're hungry for meaningful and memorable experiences that can't be recreated online," Kristy Maynes, Glossier's SVP of retail, told The Hustle.

The new space is more than just a store. It is a creative ecosystem with experiences that celebrate beauty discovery and a community hub bringing locals and tourists together to connect and create. Just like movie studios, Glossier LA is an environment where stories will come to life, creativity abounds, and imagination inspires a sense of connection.

Upon entering the store customers are immediately immersed into the world of Glossier with eyes being drawn to a "Glossier Globe" sitting on top of a cascading fountain, as well as the amphitheater-style communal seating. Massive "props" including 20-foot tall Glossier Lip Gloss, Cloud Paint, and dedicated skincare and makeup rooms adorned with perfect selfie lighting and Glossier's signature "You Look Good Mirrors," create limitless Insta-moments.

Adjacent to the store is Glossier's first outdoor space, Glossier Alley, a whimsical outdoor destination filled with lush topiaries and a to-go cafe featuring Alfred's full coffee menu (and a few Glossier specials) and pastries from Farmhouse. The alley's centerpiece is a surrealist marble fountain created by the Haas Brothers, local LA artists known for blurring the line between art and design with their playful work.

In 2019, Glossier saw +1MM visitors across all retail locations, and permanent stores had an average conversion rate of 50%, with pop-ups averaging 60%. Prior to the pandemic, Glossier saw 80% of their business coming from e-commerce. Glossier LA will be the second permanent store opening since returning to retail after they made the decision to permanently close stores in March 2020 to support public health. Glossier's retail plans include opening permanent locations in London this winter and in New York City in 2022.


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