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Published October 9, 2019
Published October 9, 2019

Fresh off hitting unicorn status, Grove Collaborative, the fastest-growing natural home and personal care products company in the US, is launching a clean beauty concept called Roven. In a space that is quickly becoming saturated by options but lacking clarity, Roven wants to redefine the way women shop for beauty by breaking through the clutter and providing consumers an easy and trusted destination for clean beauty.

“The beauty shopping experience should celebrate women in all our forms, but instead, it has become one that often focused on driving the industry’s next trend, making women feel bad about themselves or implying there is a wrong or right way to do things,” said Nicole Farb, co-founder, Roven. “Roven is committed to changing the conversation around what beauty can be, from self-doubt to self-celebration.”

The Roven merchandising mix offers a curation of 40 trailblazing clean beauty brands that reflect the highest formula integrity and unique stories. Brands are required to provide full transparency on ingredients, safety documentation, and toxicology reports as well as adhere to the UN’s 10 principles for safety, ethics, environmental impact, and animal welfare. Shifting the typical beauty shopping experience that pushes customers to try the latest trends, Roven’s 150 digital beauty guides are available to talk customers through research and discovery.

“With Roven, we set out to make beauty an experience where women can be free to explore what makes them feel good,” said Farb. “We’re saying beauty doesn’t start with looking good, it begins with feeling good.”

Before Roven, Farb founded Darby Smart, an online community of creators that was backed by Maveron, Forerunner, and CAA. It was acquired by Grove earlier this year and helped set the stage for the natural products company to accelerate its entry into clean beauty.

“The beauty industry has been desperate for someone to really take the lead and provide not only clarity and quality but focus on building consumer trust, which is why we tapped Nicole to change the status quo in the beauty industry,” said Stuart Landesberg, CEO and co-founder, Grove Collaborative. “Leveraging our experience at Grove providing the best of natural products with the personalized customer guides at your fingertips, Roven is creating a new world for beauty where the products are always healthy, they always work and the experience is always empowering.”

In conjunction with the launch of its e-commerce shop, Roven will open its flagship store in Venice Beach, CA.  The experiential store that will bring the Roven world and its unique elements to life was created in collaboration by the founder of sustainable architecture David Hertz and award-winning spatial designer Robert Storey. The store design transports you to the natural world and creates a beauty playground where shoppers are encouraged to explore free from beauty dogma.

In a surrealistic natural environment, visitors can celebrate the power of the natural world in a wind room that copies the power of nature. Emphasizing the intersection of beauty and wellness, the store’s flow will mirror a day in the life of the user, merchandised by skin and beauty needs throughout the course of a day, not by brand.

In a category rampant with greenwashing, Roven is committed to bringing transparency to the industry. Through the formation of The Roven Beauty Board, the retailer wants to lead the industry to a new set of standards and expectations. Inaugural Board members include dermatologists, scientists, celebrities, and other industry experts.


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