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May 28, 2021
May 28, 2021
Fabio via Unsplash

LA-based HatchBeauty Brands, a beauty and wellness incubator, acquired consumer analytics platform Trendalytics.

WHO: Trendalytics is a state-of-the-art analytics platform empowering brands and retailers to drive profitable decisions by aggregating and demystifying predictive data, leveraging billions of signals from Google search, social media, and e-commerce market data to predict what to buy and when to buy, and understanding at a glance where a trend is in its life cycle without the guesswork. The platform provides tailored recommendations to help users understand the magnitude and context of trends most relevant to them.

Founded in 2009, HatchBeauty Brands offers both beauty and wellness incubation under one roof. HatchBeauty Brands is rapidly changing the landscape of brand innovation with a focus on trend democratization. Its current portfolio includes: NatureWell, Found Active, Found, Orlando Pita Play, Baby Phat Beauty, Lique, Tattoo Junkee, Remi Rose, and BE Beauty Essentials.

WHY: HatchBeauty Brands has been partnering with Trendalytics since the spring of 2019. The data platform has powered HatchBeauty Brands’ trend and product development research over the past two years, predicting, for example, the sustained rise in vitamin C fueling the development of NatureWell’s best-selling vitamin C moisture cream and Found Active’s top-selling Brightening serum. This acquisition will strengthen HatchBeauty Brand’s ability to help retailers identify consumer needs with even greater precision.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “This acquisition will strengthen HatchBeauty Brands’ ability to validate consumer signals to power our product development pipeline, in our quest to democratize trends for the mass market,” says HatchBeauty Brand President Preston Bottomy. “The partnership has led to the creation of dozens of successful products, and a more formal integration will enable us to continue down the path of consumer-led innovation, industry thought leadership and deep retailer partnerships.”

“HatchBeauty Brands is the ideal partner to help Trendalytics both maximize our predictive analytics capabilities and drive our shared vision forward,” notes Trendalytics CEO Cece Lee Arnold. “We’re excited to join a company that shares our relentless passion to think bigger—and beyond what retail companies do today.”


  • HatchBeauty Brands acquired consumer analytics platform Trendalytics.
  • Trendalytics will become a subsidiary of HatchBeauty Brands with no disruption or change to its ongoing business, team, or client services.

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