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Hormonal Wellness Brand Wile Closes a $3 Million Pre-Seed Round

May 6, 2022
May 6, 2022

Wile, a hormonal wellness brand for women 40+, closed a $3 million pre-seed round and will debut nine SKUs in all Whole Foods Market doors this month.

WHO: Headquartered in Portland, Wile was founded in 2021 by Gwen Floyd, Corey Scholibo, and Julie Kucinski alongside actress and activist Judy Greer. Wile is a plant-powered naturopathic wellness brand for perimenopause and midlife, shifting hormonal stigmas while looking at women and formulations holistically. Using naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine, Wile's supplement capsules, tinctures, and functional drinks are clinically backed to help grown women 40ish to 60ish feel their best.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Wile is one of Serena Ventures' first investments since announcing their $111 million raise last month and is one of several companies in women's health and lifestyle that Serena Williams has invested in. "It's astonishing that the market and medicine have ignored 50% of the population in the prime of their lives and frankly, their earning power," said Serena Williams, Managing Partner at Serena Ventures. "It's rare to see an area of opportunity this vast, this underserved and this obvious. As an investor, we see this as a chance to support change in the culture with products women simply need."

"We've laid the groundwork and learned so much about our customers," says CEO and co-founder Gwen Floyd. "This investment makes it possible for us to break through the silence and get her what she needs and wants, where she wants it."


  • Wile closed a $3 million pre-seed round and will debut nine SKUs in all Whole Foods Market doors this month. 
  • Serena Ventures is joined by Springdale Ventures, angel investor Sara Bright, and Coyote Ventures in this raise.

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