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Published May 22, 2019
Published May 22, 2019
Kimzy Nanney via Unsplash

Dissecting the latest structure of CBD oil, Infused By Epic is introducing technology for conversion for making cannabidiol (CBD oil) extract into a water-soluble, nano-encapsulated liquid and powder form. The finished product delivers a highly potent, bioavailable form of CBD for the faster onset and more complete absorption of oral, sublingual, transdermal, ocular, and other CBD delivery systems.

Why is this important? Oil and water don’t mix. The human body is about 70% water and our cells about 90% water. Products using traditional CBD oils are harder to digest, take much longer to take effect, and lose some of their potency along the way.

Products incorporating Infused By Epic technology achieve a higher bioavailability of at least 5 times faster onset than conventional oil-based products. This allows for faster absorption into the bloodstream through any water-based mechanism, including creams, gels, food, and beveragesInfused By Epic products are more harmonious with the human body and therefore deliver a much higher percentage of the CBD you take.

Founded by CEO Diana Starr Langley, a seasoned medical entrepreneur and proven technological innovator, along with nanotechnology expert and COO Kalon Baird, the company aims to bring the latest in nanotechnology to the booming CBD wellness market.


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