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January 23, 2018
January 23, 2018
Lesly Juarez via Unsplash

Beauty from within is the latest trend to take hold of the fusing beauty and wellness industries. Today’s consumer no longer just wants to look good, but also feel good, and they realize that to achieve the healthful look and feeling they desire requires more than topical ingredients. As it turns out, beauty really is more than skin deep.

Ingestible products as part of an enhanced beauty routine are what health-conscious consumers seek, and this demand has been heard and met with beauty chocolate, beauty protein bars, beauty supplements, and beverages. The global Nutricosmetics market is projected to reach US $7.5 billion by 2020, and one of the many companies paying attention to this growing sector is Musely.

An online hub fueled by the global movement toward healthier living and wellness, Musely features user-generated content and a green marketplace of natural merchandise. Their newest product to hit virtual shelves is their Hello Beautiful Collagen Powder, a—you guessed it—powdery beauty drink engineered to unlock collagen’s true potential. Curious to know how the Musely consumer community informed the development of this beauty refreshment, we contacted the timely business. Below is Musely’s response:

“The Musely community is made up of women who are seeking to inspire & be inspired by the latest trends. With the rise of K-Beauty, they were quick to show interest through their content. We noticed a rise in content on collagen supplements, which have been a time-honored part of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese women’s beauty routines.

Traditionally, collagen alone is believed to stimulate the brain to produce more collagen. But being in Silicon Valley, Musely’s advisors told us that we could do better based on the leading research in the field to make the product stand out to our trendsetting community. Therefore, we partnered up with one of the world’s top labs in collagen bioscience.

This lab spent millions of dollars setting up AI & big-data technology for the express purpose of boosting collagen through genetic analysis. Their specialty lies in matrix matching—simulating millions of combinations of collagen & plant genome signatures, finding the optimum combination to maximize collagen production.

The result is Beauty Boost, a formula of jasmine tea and black pepper that, when combined with collagen, triples dermal collagen vs collagen alone. We centered Hello Beautiful’s formula around Beauty Boost, and added other vitamins to support skin and energy levels (such as Zinc and Vitamin B). When tested on human subjects, Subjects’ skin became 23% firmer with Hello Beautiful.”

Their on-trend consumers asked, and attentive Musely delivered a unique healthful beauty beverage with proven clinical results. BeautyMatter wonders if the company has other ingestible products in the works … yet whether we’re Nutricosmetics consumers or not, to look good is to feel good and to feel good is to look good is a mantra, reminder, and trend we can all get behind.


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