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Lush Opens 24-Hour Automated Retail Pop-Up

Published March 31, 2022
Published March 31, 2022

Founded in 1995, Lush remains at the forefront of retail innovation venturing into automated retail, opening a first-ever 24-hour shopping experience at Coal Drops Yard at King's Cross, London. This Anmac iLocker isn't your average vending machine. The sustainable design runs on low-energy output and provides shoppers a 360-degree retail experience. 

"These exciting innovative micro-stores will allow us to get our wonderful fresh handmade products into the hands of even more consumers, making it easier for them to make ethical choices. These allow us to get more of our hero products into the world, without the operating impact of a full store," said Helen Cox, Lush Global Environmental Reporting.

The iLocker vending machine is designed by Anmac, which is owned by world-renowned couple Andrew Alpine and his wife Gemma Jackson. The couple, designers for films such as The Beach and The Piano, have a personal passion for rethinking the retail experience with forward-thinking brands like Lush. 

"Lush has always strived to dazzle our customers, from our product innovations through to bringing our core values into every aspect of our retailing. Using the highest quality of automated retail machines with our partner, Anmac, we are able to surprise and delight with a micro store that is open 24 hours a day to the public at Coal Drops Yard. It is a retail theatre that never sleeps, live glow on the go!", said Charlotte Howe, Lush Group Retail Team. 

Always open, always available, filled with fresh handmade products, and created with the future of automated retail in mind, the pop-up at Coal Drops Yard will initially run for six months.  With plans for the products and design to be interchangeable, the pop-up will create exciting options for shoppers passing by.


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