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Luum Precision Lash Brings Beauty Service Automation to Ulta

Published December 17, 2023
Published December 17, 2023
Luum Precision Lash

Founded in 2017, beauty robotics technology enterprise Luum Precision Lash has been pioneering a highly efficient lash extensions service provider model that benefits the customer, service provider, and business—a triple threat for better, safer, and more lucrative offerings.

Luum Precision Lash’s technology combines robotics-driven plastic wands with AI image processing to precisely and gently apply extensions. Lash artists prep, advise, and evaluate the entire process, meaning that rather than the robot replacing their job, the machine will allow them to continue working without the physical strain or medical risk of repetitive motions. The machine performs at three times the speed of a technician and is able to generate approximately $3 million in revenue for a business thanks to 200% faster appointment processing time. With the eyelash extension market set to reach a $2.31 billion value by 2028, the opportunity is undeniably ripe. The start-up’s offerings proved popular, with VIP preview appointments at its Oakland facilities quickly filling up.

“The reception has been way better than I expected because when we started this, we had a lot of concern about how intimidating the technology could feel because it's a big machine. As it turned out, the customers loved it, because it's so much less invasive,” Luum Precision Lash CEO Nathan Harding Nathan Harding told BeautyMatter. “The beauty salon has had such little increase in productivity over the years. It's a one-to-one kind of service, and that means that those jobs can only make so much. We think it’s time for a change. Everybody has been worried about the loss of jobs, but it doesn't happen in this particular business. There’s a shortage of labor, of appointments. We can make it into a job that people can do for a much longer period of their life because it's not going to be so physically demanding, and more productive so they can get a bigger piece of the pie, too.”

Now Luum Precision Lash is bringing its offerings to an even bigger audience, debuting its first commercial pilot at the Ulta San Jose store at Village Oaks. The retailer was also one of the backers in the $2.9 million seed funding round, which Luum Precision Lash secured in July 2022. Luum Precision Lash, which holds 31 global patents, is also a portfolio company of Ulta’s digital innovation fund Prisma Ventures.

"We're excited to partner with Ulta Beauty to bring our technology to beauty enthusiasts through this pilot," Harding adds. "We're focused on 'Fast Fabulous,' and confident our technology will revolutionize the industry by delivering high-quality, personalized services in record time." 

Prama Bhatt, Chief Digital Officer at Ulta Beauty, adds: "We're thrilled to partner with Luum Precision Lash and support their innovative approach to driving advancements in beauty services. As we continue to leverage A.I. to unlock new experiences for our guests through Prisma Ventures, we're excited to offer beauty enthusiasts the chance to engage with LUUM's lash application services for the first time at our San Jose store."

Full-set appointments currently take less than 75 minutes, but in the near future, Luum Precision Lash will be able to reduce this time to 33 minutes. Customers can choose from three styles and two lengths, with a full set priced at $170 and a fill at $80.


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