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Published May 27, 2020
Published May 27, 2020

Sephora’s intent behind the #SephoraSquad was to launch a different kind of influencer program, celebrating influencers’ authenticity and passion for beauty, regardless of follower size. The open-call community application process invites influencers to submit an application.

“We celebrate the most authentic and inspiring voices in the digital beauty space. We value unique, unfiltered, sorry-not-sorry storytellers, no matter the number of followers they have,” reads the application website,

Sephora launched the program in 2019 with the intention of creating the first-ever large-scale influencer program that cultivated an environment where everyone feels welcome. The initiative was meant to be an amplification of the community of voices, perspectives, and experiences at Sephora, creating a true reflection of its clients, the Beauty Insider Community, and the beauty and wellness community as a whole.

The application process was executed in partnership with the influencer marketing platform Fohr, which created an open call application process:

  • Applicants were tasked with asking their followers to vouch for them via testimonials on a unique web page made specifically for them.
  • The testimonials were a key factor in choosing the finalists; it allowed Sephora to understand the impact that they had on their community and helped in choosing the finalists, as authenticity was imperative.
  • The testimonial process for Sephora Team Members allowed for advocacy among peers.
  • Sephora extended their partnership with a select group of 2019 #SephoraSquad members, who joined a diverse panel of judges in selecting the 2020 finalists.

The goal of the program is to celebrate inclusiveness through outreach, sharing, and education in partnership with collaborators. The members of the #SephoraSquad are not only advocates for beauty, but also for body positivity, self-esteem, kindness, and courage.

The second #SephoraSquad consists of 62 ambassadors that are beauty lovers and Sephora employees across the United States and Canada who will support and amplify initiatives throughout the next 12 months. The program provides the tools, resources, and training to help fuel their growth as influencers with content opportunities, educational sessions, and interactive workshops.

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