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Our BeautyMatter NEXT Awards aim to raise the bar and define the future of beauty. Our intention with the awards is to create a level playing field, from the largest multinationals to high-growth indies, retailers, agencies, service providers, and suppliers.

With everything we do, our first goal is bringing value to our community, and our second objective is to find whitespace either in opportunity or approach. There is no shortage of awards for brands, and for products that are well executed. Hopefully, we've carved out a space merging innovation, impact, and design that creates space for change and growth.

We made a foundational commitment that judging would be transparent and done by a panel of independent judges selected for their diversity of experience, deep category knowledge, and insatiable curiosity. The judges also agreed to recuse themselves from any awards they have an affiliation with to maintain the integrity of the process.

We received 400+ entries for over 50 awards across 7 categories. The finalists represent businesses from the entire beauty ecosystem. Our judges had a difficult task reviewing each entry to determine the finalist. In some cases, the submissions were so good, we had some ties.


Changemaker of the Year: A person who has profoundly changed the business of beauty by bringing about positive change linked to equity, health, climate, or sustainability.

  • Ari Bloom, Co-Founder and CEO of A-Frame Brands
  • Laura Geller, Founder of Laura Geller Beauty
  • Carly Stein Kremer, Founder of Beekeeper's Naturals
  • Edwin Neill, President of Neill Companies
  • Pritika Swarup, Founder and CEO of Prakti Beauty
  • JuE Wong, CEO of OLAPLEX

Entrepreneur of the Year: An entrepreneur who has built a business that matters through inspired innovations, demonstrated vision, leadership, and success.

  • Jasmina Aganovic, Founder and CEO of Arcaea
  • Amy Errett, Founder and CEO of Madison Reed
  • Enrico Frezza, Co-Founder and CEO of Peace Out Skincare
  • Éva Goicochea, Founder and CEO of maude
  • Sandra Velasquez, Founder and CEO of Nopalera
  • Ju Rhyu, Co-Founder and CEO of Hero Cosmetics
  • Suveen Sahib, Co-Founder and CEO of K18 Biomimetic Hairscience

Innovator of the Year: Person who has made meaningful contributions to the business of beauty by pursuing and executing novel thinking, challenging the status quo, and moving the industry forward.

  • Candace Mitchell Harris, Founder and CEO of Myavana
  • Liz Whitman, Founder and CEO of Exponent Beauty
  • Ming Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO of PROVEN Skincare
  • Sir Fraser Stoddart, Founder of Noble Panacea
  • Susan Goldsberry, Co-Founder and CEO of Ina Labs
  • Lucy Goff, Founder of LYMA


Best Public Relations Agency: Recognizes agencies for developing and executing best-in-class communication strategies across media and content platforms.

  • Creative Media Marketing
  • Foundation
  • Factory PR

Best Design + Branding Agency: Recognizes agencies responsible for crafting brand strategies and execution of design services.

  • 1r Agency
  • Free The Birds
  • Front Row

Best Digital Agency: Recognizes agencies that provide best-in-class strategic direction, creative design, and technical development for screen-based products and services.

  • Iced Media
  • Rebel360

Best Social Media + Influencer Agency: Recognizes agencies responsible for developing social media strategies, campaign execution, content creation, and connecting influencers with brands.

  • Red Ant Asia
  • Creatable


Best Beauty Brand Launch: Recognizes design, content, strategy, and execution tied to brand identity, website, packaging design, etc.; can be a new-to-market brand or relaunch.

  • ARKIVE Headcare
  • Current State
  • Futurewise
  • KIKI World
  • Native
  • Perfumehead

Best Wellness Brand Launch: Recognizes design, content, strategy, and execution tied to brand identity, website, packaging design, etc.; can be a new-to-market brand or relaunch.

  • Bartlett Brands (Playground)
  • Being Frenshe
  • Richelet
  • Uni
  • Utu
  • Vella Bioscience

Best Collaboration: Recognizes unique partnerships or collaborations between any two or more brands, businesses, individuals, or organizations.

  • Dior Powered by Hydrafacial
  • Goody Tru
  • Lottie London x Vampire Diaries
  • IPSY x Bailey Sarian
  • Dr. Squatch x Alex Honnold

Best Product Packaging Design (Brands): Recognizes unique concept and execution tied to packaging design, including concept, componentry, material selection, and decoration for a finished product; can be a new-to-market brand or relaunch.

  • ARgENTUM apothecary
  • Michal Morrison
  • Nopalera
  • Prakti Beauty
  • Subtl Beauty
  • Wrinkles Schminkles

Best Sustainable Packaging Design (Brands): Recognizes unique concept and execution tied to packaging design that address the full life cycle of the product, carbon footprint, and material selection/reduction; can be a new-to-market brand or relaunch.

  • Exponent Beauty
  • Hairstory
  • Uni

Best Ad Campaign: Traditional Design: Recognizes unique concept, design, and execution of an ad campaign incorporating print, TV, radio, out-of-home, or direct mail.

  • Hero Cosmetics - Pimple, Meet Your Mighty Patch campaign
  • Malin + Goetz - For All The Ways We Live campaign

Best Ad Campaign: Digital Design: Recognizes unique concept, design, and execution of an ad campaign incorporating email, SMS, display native, video, or social media.

  • ARgENTUM apothecary - Les Parfumes Infinis campaign
  • Babo Botanicals - Reef Safe? anti-greenwashing campaign
  • Dr Dennis Gross Skincare - DermInfusions Fill + Repair Serum  campaign

Best Spatial Design: Recognizes unique concept, design, and execution of a physical space, such as a retail store, salon, or spa.

  • Biologique Recherche - Los Angeles flagship spa
  • Malin + Goetz - Brand retail store on Columbus Avenue and 72nd Street, NYC
  • Space NK - Liverpool, UK store


Best Impact Initiative: Companies involved in creating, marketing, and selling beauty and wellness products or services that implement initiatives that impact DEI or ESG.

  • Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute - DEI initiative to end the modern-day segregation of salons.
  • Beekman 1802 - The creation of a kindness ripple effect.
  • BrainTrust Founders Studio - A membership-based platform designed specifically for Black founders of beauty and wellness companies.
  • CTZN Cosmetics - Code Red collection was created to combat the period poverty crisis.
  • Prados Beauty - Prados Promise. Putting money, time, and mentorship back into Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.
  • Tower 28 - Clean Beauty Summer School BIPOC grant and mentorship program.

Best Sourcing Breakthrough: Recognizes breakthroughs in the procurement and use of more sustainable materials, including new materials, improvements to conventional materials, improvements to sourcing practices, and novel uses of materials in challenging applications.

  • Babo Botanicals - Upcycled Passion Fruit Seed Oil from family-owned farms in Peru.
  • Blue Lagoon Iceland Skincare - Microalgae and silica sustainably sourced, cultivated, and harvested from the Blue Lagoon.

Best Impact Facilitator: Technology provider (app, platform, SAAS) that provides tools to manage programs, enable transparency, quantify impact, or validate claims related to DEI or ESG initiatives.

  • The Eco Well


Best Product Launch Campaign: Recognizes design, content, strategy, and execution tied to a product launch; can be a new-to-market brand or relaunch.

  • Beekman 1802 - Potato Peel campaign
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - DermInfusions campaign
  • Dr. Squatch - Campaign spoofing traditional cologne advertisements.
  • Iced Media (Flower Beauty) - Drew Barrymore TikTok tutorials for Gel Crush driving to CVS.
  • Protéger - Editorial-style sizzle reel anchored by 44-year-old supermodel Karen Elson.
  • Space NK - Drunk Elephant Bouncy Bright Facial UK launch

Best Live Event: Recognizes the concept and execution of a live event as an extension of a brand or business.

  • Dr. Squatch - Stagecoach Music Festival campground activation
  • Fable & Mane - Live event titled "MahaMela" for Nykaa launch.
  • Hydrafacial - GLOWvolution traveling experiential program.
  • INNOCOS - Immersive destination B2B gatherings
  • Space NK - Get Party Ready" Salon by Space NK
  • Womaness - Menopositivity Tour, a multimarket live event in partnership with ULTA Beauty.

Best Content Activation: Recognizes unique concept and its execution tied to the creation of a new content initiative by a brand or business to engage or communicate with their audience.

  • HEAR ME RAW - On the street in a campaign called "Mike on the Mic"
  • HigherDOSE - Hot Seat interview series
  • Vella Bioscience - #StopFakingIt, a monthlong social media campaign

Best Community Engagement: Recognizes the building, nurturing, and activating of communities attached to brands or businesses.

  • Hair Proud
  • The INKEY List

Best Use of Social Media: Recognizes strategy, initiative/activation, content creation, and execution tied to the use of social media.

  • Artisan Council (belif) - #FORO - The fear of running out
  • K18 Biomimetic Hairscience - Sofia Richie Grainge campaign
  • OLAPLEX - #OLAFLEX campaign

Best Metaverse Activation: Recognizes unique concept or initiative and its execution creating new experiences, services, and products in the metaverse/Web3.

  • CULT - Metaverse Beauty Week
  • göt2b - Partnered with Ditch the Label to raise awareness of cyberbullying.

Best Influencer Partnership: Recognizes unique relationships, effective partnerships, or initiatives in the creator economy.

  • BrainTrust Agency (Cantu Beauty) - Emmy award-winning hairstylist Angela Stevens

Best Use of Live Streaming: Recognizes strategy, initiative/activation, and execution tied to the medium of live streaming for communication of commerce.

  • Hairstory - Creation of a two-way interactive commerce channel


Best Pop-Up

  • Conscious Beauty Collective - A traveling pop-up of 30+ indie brands
  • K18 Biomimetic Hairscience - Magic Science Bus at the Grove in Los Angeles
  • Malin + Goetz - Quadrant Arcade rotating experiential space

Best Service Provider

  • Biologique Recherche
  • Glowbar
  • Joanna Czech

Best Retail Activation

  • ClearForMe - Allure Store
  • Fable & Mane - Sephora Dubai Mall takeover
  • Sa Sa - Rexaline launch


Best Technology Solution Provider: Recognizes companies that provide technology to help beauty and wellness companies run their operations more efficiently.

  • Accelerated Analytics
  • BeautyFluent by Landing International
  • Duel
  • GlossWire
  • GlossGenius

Best Logistics Solution: Recognizes companies that provide third-party logistics services as outsourced services having to do with distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment.

  • ILG
  • PIMS
  • PFS

Best Ingredient Supplier: Recognizes companies that provide raw material ingredients used in formulating beauty and wellness products; it may include active ingredient, flavor, or color suppliers.

  • Makesy
  • Manuka Bioscience Ltd
  • Symrise

Best Contract Manufacturer: Recognizes companies that provide services related to the production, formulation, and filling of beauty and wellness products.

  • Scent Marketing
  • Solésence Beauty Science

Best Packaging Supplier: Recognizes companies that create and manufacture packaging; may include componentry for primary and secondary packaging.

  • HCT by kdc/one


Best Breakthrough Beauty Brand: Recognizes innovation by a beauty brand stemming from creating a product/service, consumer engagement, marketing, or design; can be a new brand initiative from an existing brand or a new-to-market brand launch.

  • Furcy Botanik
  • KIKI World
  • Noteworthy
  • Pavīse
  • Relevant: Your Skin Seen

Best Breakthrough Wellness Brand: Recognizes innovation by a wellness brand stemming from creating a product/service, consumer engagement, marketing or design; can be a new brand initiative from an existing brand or a new-to-market brand launch.

  • Being Frenshe
  • Luna Daily
  • Timeline
  • Rael
  • Uni
  • Veracity
  • Wonderbelly

Best Use of Technology (Brands): Recognizes the use of technology (app, platform, SAAS) by a brand or retailer to solve a pain point, create an experience or provide transparency.

  • Alpyn Beauty - Integration of Jotforms
  • KIKI World - Onchain collectible marking
  • Kosas - Integration of Postscript
  • Myavana - AI system for textured, multicultural hair
  • Noteworthy - AI and data science personalization quiz 
  • Prose - AI-powered machine-learning algorithm

Best Breakthrough Technology (Ingredient): Recognizes the creation of a new ingredient/technology or innovative use of an existing ingredient/technology associated with the formulation of cosmetic products.

  • Arcaea - ScentARC
  • BIOJUVE - Xycrobe technology
  • Clariant - Aristoflex Eco T
  • Debut Biotech -  Cell-free biomanufacturing
  • Furcy Botanik - Djon Djon bioferment
  • Geltor - CAVIANCE
  • Inolex - AminoSensyl Ultra MB
  • Michal Morrison - βSTEM6 molecule 

Best Breakthrough Technology (Omnichannel): Recognizes the creation of technology (app, platform, SAAS) to enable the execution of omnichannel consumer experiences. 

  • Obsess - AVA by Obsess
  • Perfect Corp. - AI skin tech
  • SOS - Smart vending machine and OOH digital advertising platform

Best Breakthrough Supplier: Recognizes innovation by businesses that support brands or retailers and creates a meaningful impact in the beauty ecosystem.

  • Arcaea
  • Makesy
  • SOS

Best Breakthrough Technology (Supply Side): Recognizes the creation of a new technology or the innovative use of existing technology that created a material impact to a part of the beauty and wellness value chain.

  • FusionPKG - Airless-One and Atmos-One Mono-Material Pump Engine Technology
  • InFLOWS AI - Chemistry-based generative AI
  • TOSLA d.o.o. - VELIOUS Masking Technology 2.0

Best Breakthrough Packaging (Suppliers): Recognizes innovation by companies that create and manufacture packaging; may include componentry for primary and secondary packaging, GWPs, gift sets, or sampling.

  • Apackaging Group

INNOVATION - PRODUCT: Recognizes innovation in a finished product launched to market related to either formulation, delivery system, new format type, use of technology or sustainability.

Best Breakthrough Product (Bodycare)

  • Fig.1 - Retinol Renewal Body Serum
  • Gntl - Skin Wash 
  • maude - Ingrown Hair Oil
  • Mustela - Stelatopia+ Lipid-Replenishing Cream
  • Skinfix - KP & PsO Smoothing Body Treatment
  • Tan-Luxe - Express Water
  • TRONQUE - Vitamin C Body Oil

Best Breakthrough Product (Color Cosmetics)

  • DIBS Cosmetics - Status Stick
  • Grande Cosmetics - GrandeBROW 2-in-1 Tinted Brow Gel + Brow Enhancing Serum
  • Haus Labs by Lady Gaga - Triclone Skin Tech Foundation
  • KIKI World - Pearl Pretty Nail Graffiti 
  • Le Mini Macaron - Gel Manicure Kit
  • LYS Beauty - No Limits Cream Bronzer Stick
  • Stila Cosmetics - Calligraphy Lip Stain

Best Breakthrough Product (Fragrance)

  • 5 SENS
  • ARgENTUM Apothecary - Les Parfumes Infinis
  • O MY NOTE - Ask OlimpIA
  • By/Rosie Jane - DULCE
  • Homecourt - Room Deodorant
  • Makesy - Ultimate Perfume Making Kit

Best Breakthrough Product (Haircare)

  • Alterna Haircare - Bond Repair Intensive Leave-In Treatment Masque
  • DefenAge - 150K Hair Follicle Serum
  • göt2b - Glued Bonding Glue
  • Innersense Organic Beauty - Hair Renew Pre Wash Treatment
  • Innersense Organic - Hair Renew Daily Active Serum
  • K18 Biomimetic Hairscience - Molecular Repair Hair Oil
  • Luna Nectar - Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum
  • Nutrafol - Women’s Vegan
  • Oribe Hair Care - Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum
  • XYON Health - SiloxysSystem Gel

Best Breakthrough Product (Men's)

  • ATWATER - Smooth Target Shave Cream
  • Cardon - Hair Strengthening Shampoo
  • DefenAge - 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream - Men’s Formula
  • ELVY Lab - Regimen
  • MATTR Cosmetics - Ultimate Fix Palette
  • Scotch Porter - Hydrating Body Wash

Best Breakthrough Product (Personal Care)

  • Boom Home Medical - Loona
  • Ina Labs - Anti-Chafe Liquid Powder
  • maude - Spot
  • Native - Deodorant & Body Spray
  • Pretty-Britty - Makeup Protectors
  • Shaklee - Protect Deodorant
  • Touchland - Glow Mist Rejuvenating Hand Sanitizer

Best Breakthrough Product (Skincare)

  • Bubble Skincare - Knock Out and Fade Away
  • Kosas - DreamBeam SPF 40
  • Matter of Fact - Brightening and Firming Serum
  • Mother Science - Molecular Hero Serum
  • OneSkin - OS-01 EYE
  • Pavīse - Dynamic Age Defense SPF
  • Pavīse - Lip Defense SPF

Best Breakthrough Product (Tools)

  • Brow Friend
  • HigherDOSE - Red Light Neck Enhancer
  • ion - Luxe 4-in-1 Autowrap Airstyler
  • NIRA Pro Laser - Advanced Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Renewal
  • NuFACE - TRINITY+ Facial Toning Device
  • Pavīse - UV Camera
  • Pattern Beauty - Blow Dryer

Best Breakthrough Product (Wellness)

  • Adoratherapy - Clarity Chakra Perfume Oil
  • Heat Healer - Body Belt
  • #LubeLife - Water-Based Actively Trying Fertility Lubricant
  • maude - Heat
  • Timeline - The Serum
  • Vida Glow - Clear

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