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September 19, 2017
September 19, 2017

Lufilufi Rasmussen, founder and visionary behind Samoan organic and natural skincare line Misiluki, is personable, sage, and someone who truly thinks before she speaks. Over coffee, with a smile on her face, Lufi explains that on her native Samoa, the coconut tree is regarded as the tree of life. The scent of coconut oil is an olfactory memory that transports Lufi to childhood where she remembers her mother using its oil in beauty rituals. This sacred tree is what inspired the Misiluki Skincare journey.

Every aspect of Samoan culture and tradition is elegantly encapsulated in Misiluki. It is one of the few indie natural skincare lines to radiate effortless authenticity in its care for Mother Earth and its people, and in their promise to uphold the culture and tradition of the Samoan Islands.

“Natural” is more than just a descriptor for their products; it is an action, a guiding principle. To Misiluki it signifies “keeping it real and not compromising on how the products are made—from the people, the ingredients, the decisions that we make, right down to the packaging.” According to Lufi, Loto Alofa means “being willing to be there for people, being open-minded and compassionate. It is the essence of being Samoan. It is how Samoans connect to each other and to the world.” Misiluki Skincare is Lufi’s exaltation of Loto Alofa, and it is demonstrated in Misiluki’s hands-on approach and emphasis on a happy value chain.

To maintain a happy value chain, Misiluki goes straight to the source (the farmers) when it comes to obtaining the natural and local ingredients infused into their skincare products—an approach that seems both logical and ethical, yet an action a vast majority of companies are unwilling to take. “Knowing that every single human, right down to the person who sells us our glass bottles, is happy. Being treated fairly is important to us. Everyone involved in the process believes in Misiluki. They’re all on board,” Lufi shares.

Misiluki also ensures that Mother Earth is treated fairly, too.

Mirroring the “tail-to-snout” crusade within the food industry – a movement in which eco-conscious companies use every part of the animal – Misluki similarly gives purpose to each element of the coconut tree. From the water, to the meat, to the oil, to the shell, nothing is discarded and tossed in a landfill. Ingenuity and compassion for Earth, and subsequently its inhabitants, are the driving forces behind Misiluki.

The attention to detail throughout every aspect of the business is impeccable, right down to the delicate pink packaging that is adorned with malu: the Samoan female tattoo unique to Samoa. Lufilufi has managed to encapsulate her island nation in as many forms as the tree of life that represents it. Her quality creams, oil, serum, and lip balm tell her nation’s story.

A story worth sharing.


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