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Mono-Material Airless Pump Unlocks Beauty Recycling Challenges

Published September 17, 2023
Published September 17, 2023

Consumer awareness of beauty's contribution to the global issue of packaging waste in our oceans and landfills has fueled packaging innovation, prompting us to rethink how we produce and package products. Aesthetics are just the starting point for today's conscious consumers, who also consider the packaging composition and environmental impact. The demand for sustainability is one trend that crosses demographics. Recent research shows consumers from boomers to Gen Z now rank sustainability higher than brand recognition as a key purchasing factor.

FusionPKG, an industry leader in sustainably focused packaging solutions, has been at the forefront of this movement and is committed to developing packaging solutions that define the future of beauty by responding with innovative and impactful products for a constantly evolving marketplace. The New Prestige Collection directly responds to the ever-changing industry landscape and the rising demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

The collection is designed to reduce environmental impact and meet customer demand for sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives with double-wall and glass options integrated with our APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) certified Airless-One and Atmos-One mono-material  pump engine technology. The innovative collection showcases a range of mono-material, double-wall airless, and premium glass pumps designed to deliver recycle-ready options.

“The New Prestige Collection is a celebration of innovation, style, and sustainably focused design, demonstrating that we can achieve beauty without compromise," said Brady Bacchus, Marketing Manager. “By integrating our Airless-One and Atmos-One mono-material pump engine technology, we're not just offering beauty packaging—we're offering a sustainable future for the industry."

"Brands have faced limitations in expressing their unique identity through packaging selection/representation. The New Prestige collection is designed for both sustainability and personality, allowing brands to return to double-wall profiles for enhanced shelf impact,” said Jessica Tarangioli, President of Marketing and Turnkey. “Paired with our premium glass options, The New Prestige Collection is the choice for brands seeking to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on decoration, size impression, formula protection, and high-performance dispensing."

Sometimes, simple innovations can make a big difference but are the most difficult to execute. The Airless-One and Atmos-One Mono-Material Pump Engine Technology offer brands a solution to the notorious pump recyclability issues.

The current recycling infrastructure requires waste to be disposed of perfectly and correctly for it to actually get recycled, ultimately putting the onus on consumers. For this reason, pumps in particular have been a huge sustainability problem to solve. The simplicity of pumps has made them a popular solution for both brands and customers, alike, offering efficiency and manufacturing benefits, as well as an optimal end-user experience. The problem with traditional pumps, however, is that their many components are made from a variety of materials, including multiple types of plastics and, most commonly, a steel spring. This has made traditional pumps a huge challenge for a customer to recycle and, as a result, most have been destined for landfills.

This makes FusionPKG’s Airless-One and Atmos-One mono-material pump engine technology a huge win for sustainability. The design leverages the benefits of polypropylene to provide mono-material, recycling-compatible, premium-quality packaging without sacrificing aesthetics or performance. The emphasis of polypropylene in their dispensing offering provides 100% PCR possibilities and increases recycling compatibility, ultimately contributing to the advancement of recycling markets.

For brands focused on furthering their commitment to eco-consciousness, mono-material packaging is a fast-track solution to simplifying recycling by removing the need to disassemble or sort the componentry for disposal.  After a consumer has used the product, the complete package can be easily recycled along with the cap—leaving no reason to disassemble it before recycling. Now, brands can achieve high-performance mono-material, recycle-ready packaging available in a range of airless and atmospheric options.

Developing transformative eco-friendly packaging allows FusionPKG to serve the needs of beauty brands dedicated to lowering their environmental impact while preserving essential prestige attributes like endless decoration capabilities, impressive shelf presence, advanced formula protection, and high-performance dispensing.

For FusionPKG, a commitment to a mindful transition to more sustainable materials, processes, and packages hasn’t just impacted the environment—it’s made good business sense as well. The company’s sustainable packaging guidelines and goals are aligned with the most progressive standards in the industry, including those of Credo, Sephora, and Ulta. The new Prestige Collection furthers this commitment and is an impactful new option for the beauty industry as demand for sustainable options continues to gain momentum.