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Moon Juice Raises $7 Million Series C

Published February 1, 2022
Published February 1, 2022
Moon Juice

Moon Juice, a brand at the intersection of beauty and wellness, raised a $7 million Series C led by emerging growth fund True Beauty Ventures.

WHO: LA-based Moon Juice was founded in 2011 by Amanda Chantal Bacon, who created the brand from her own experience of putting an autoimmune condition into remission after being told it wasn't possible. Over the last 10 years, Moon Juice has transformed how consumers incorporate wellness into their lifestyle, bridging the world of alchemy and biology for functional benefits. Bacon has grown Moon Juice from its famous LA juice shops to a globally distributed brand with key retail partnerships including Sephora, Mecca, and Cult Beauty, helping to define the convergence of premium wellness and beauty.

WHY: As Moon Juice enters 2022, a year when wellness has already been identified as a top trend, having the support financially and strategically from True Beauty Ventures will help supercharge the brand alongside strong consumer demand for product efficacy, quality, and innovation in the category. The investment will be used for marketing, building the team, and e-commerce.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: "This decade with Moon Juice has been an incredible journey," said founder, Amanda Chantal Bacon. "What started as a personal experience has grown into a global community stronger than I ever could have imagined. I'm in awe of what the next decade holds."

“The brand has always been ahead of its time. When I met Amanda and Elizabeth in 2017, I saw Moon Juice as the category captain, trailblazing the space where wellness and beauty were beginning to converge," said Rich Gersten, co-founder and Managing Partner of True Beauty Ventures. "Now, 4 years later, that convergence has happened and Moon Juice is the best positioned brand to capitalize on it.”

“Moon Juice is so much more than a wellness brand," explained Moon Juice President Elizabeth Ashmun. “It is a lifestyle, a movement. Every product we create is something we want to take. All of our products are carefully formulated to combat the effects of modern day stress and are designed to add pleasure to everyday routines. Our wellness essentials are developed based on real needs, not trends.”

“[The Moon Juice team] understands the importance of growth, but not growth at all costs. They're focused on profitability. They're very focused on keeping their distribution narrow and productive, and making sure that they don't compromise the brand's positioning," Cristina Nuñez, founder and general partner at True Beauty Ventures, told Glossy. "This is a category that's very easy to over-proliferate and take many channels of distribution.”


  • Moon Juice raised a $7 million Series C led by True Beauty Ventures.
  • Moon Juice has not taken on any outside capital since 2017, has revenues reported in excess of $20 million, and has been profitable for several years.

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