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Published October 21, 2020
Published October 21, 2020

The oral care category is in transformation. The messaging wars and a product arms race in the dental aisles of FDM are giving way to a crop of innovative young dentists and DTC disruptors, forcing incumbent brands to rethink product, packaging, and language.

Oral care is slowly beginning to align with beauty and wellness, cleaning up formulations and focusing on sustainability. Fueling market growth is increased consumer focus on oral health and cosmetic dental treatments. This new crop of brands is tapping into the consumer desire for aesthetic packaging, clean formulations, creative flavors, sustainable packaging, and an Insta-worthy smile.

Dr. Brian Harris, founder of Klēn holistic oral care, represents a new generation of dentists focused on aesthetics, with a mastery of social media (he has three IG accounts) and a celebrity clientele. He is recognized as one of the country’s top cosmetic dentists. People fly to Phoenix, AZ, from all over the world to transform their smile because of his personalized approach and unique process. If you ask him what he does, he would tell you that cosmetic dentistry is what he does, but building confidence is who he is.

Dr. Harris believes, “As a cosmetic dentist, I have the privilege of transforming smiles every day and seeing people’s lives completely transform because of it. Often times when we think of a confident smile, we think only about the teeth—but that’s just a small part of it. Healthy gums and fresh breath play a huge role in one’s self-confidence as it relates to their smile.”

His Klēn 3 Step Process (cleanse, brush, rinse) is built on his belief that a confident smile consists of three things: white teeth, healthy gums, and lasting fresh breath. Klēn is “full-circle smile support” designed with a modern and minimalist approach and is formulated naturally, non-GMO, and paraben-free.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, more and more people are putting off seeing the dentist. In response, the brand launched In-Between Klēn, a set of tools created to help you remove plaque and tartar build-up and stubborn stains from “In Between” your teeth, “In Between” your professional cleanings.

“There are millions of people who are due for their dental cleanings but are unable to see a dentist due to COVID restrictions or fear of potential exposure,” says Dr. Harris. “A professional cleaning from your dental hygienist is actually quite extensive but a small part of that cleaning is the removal of stubborn stains and buildup that can form on the teeth. You can floss and brush all you want, but it won’t come off outside of a cleaning. For this reason, we created the ‘In Between Klēn.'”


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