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Published March 25, 2020
Published March 25, 2020
Mynd Spa & Salon

Last July, the company announced a full rebrand from The Red Door Salon & Spa, walking away from 100 years of heritage and unveiling a new millennial-focused concept. Now Mynd Spa & Salon has filed for bankruptcy.

WHO: Mynd Spa & Salon, a national chain of beauty and wellness centers.

WHY: In 2012, WWD reported that Red Door Spa did $150 million in annual sales, but the business had been struggling.


  • The chain filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Southern District of New York on March 19, just days after closing due to the coronavirus.
  • The business had 27 locations across the US.
  • The chain posted on its website: “A Trustee will be appointed to wind down the affairs of the business.”
  • The filing says there are between 1 and 49 creditors. It lists estimated assets as less than $50,000 and estimated liabilities as between $1,000,001 and $10 million.
  • North Castle Partners has backed the business since 2012.
  • Revlon-owned Elizabeth Arden once held a minority stake in the spa business but does not anymore.

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