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Next-Generation Beauty Tech From L'Oreal at Viva Tech

Published June 20, 2023
Published June 20, 2023

L’Oréal has evolved into a beauty tech powerhouse with innovations that span smart and sustainable beauty innovations and digital services, as well as data-powered diagnostic devices for inclusive, personalized, and virtual beauty. The beauty conglomerate unveiled its latest innovations and technology initiative at Viva Tech 2023, Europe's biggest start-up and tech event in Paris, reinforcing its mission to use tech for good and make beauty accessible for all.

Big Bang Beauty Tech and Innovation Challenge in North Asia

After a successful three-year pilot in China that attracted over 1,500 Chinese start-ups and incubated over 50 projects, the Big Bang Program is expanding in Korea and Japan. This marks a significant milestone in leveraging and activating the unique innovation ecosystem of the "C- J-K Beauty Triangle" in North Asia via cross-market and cross-sector collaboration for beauty innovation. The initiative will support and nurture promising start-ups and businesses within beauty tech and the innovative sciences capable of being scaled regionally and globally.

 L'Oréal Groupe signed an MOU with Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups on partnership for the Big Bang Program in Korea. In Japan, J-Startup, a government project supporting entrepreneurs operated by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and JETRO, will support the initiative.

Lancôme: HAPTA

L'Oreal developed the world’s first handheld computerized makeup applicator to address challenges an estimated 50 million people worldwide have applying makeup because of limited motor skills. 

HAPTA harnesses Verily technology, initially created to stabilize utensils, allowing those with mobility issues to feed themselves independently. Applied to beauty, the technology offers users with restricted hand and arm mobility the ability to apply makeup easier and more precisely.

The key to HAPTA is its combination of built-in smart motion controls and customizable attachments that give the user an improved range of motion, increased ease of use for difficult-to-open packaging, and precision application that is otherwise hard to achieve.The device was first unveiled at CES 2023 for lipstick application and has been enhanced with new features to work for mascara application. Available in 2024 in the US, priced at $149 to $199.

Shu Uemura: 3D Shu:Brow

The smart, handheld device promises to deliver personalized eyebrow looks in seconds based on the users natural brows and facial features replacing the need for professional services like microblading, microshading, or filler effects. The 3D shu:brow is the second version of the Brow Magic technology unveiled at CES 2023. The 3D shu:brow was developed in partnership with Korean start-up Prinker known for its temporary tattoo technology. L’Oréal made a minority investment in company in early 2023. The tool also incorporates L’Oréal portfolio company ModiFace augmented reality (AR) technology to scan the face and make recommendations before executing the look via 2,400 tiny nozzles and printing technology with up to 1,200 DPI resolution. By leveraging the hands-on experience of makeup artists specialized in Asian features, Shu Uemura offers its outstanding expertise in 3D brow styling to offer users more options of shades and shapes tailor-made for Asians. The 3D shu:brow. Available in 2024, priced from $149 to $199.

Shu Uemura: Phygital Stickers

Meeting the emerging expectations for innovative self-expression that have evolved alongside the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem, Shu 3D Stickers offer a unique phygital experience. They were inspired by Mr. Shu Uemura's passion for art and designed as a modern interpretation of Japanese calligraphy. Every piece is a handcrafted masterpiece produced in strictly limited quantities that unlocks exclusive AR content by using exclusive AR filters made in collaboration with Wilkins Avenue AR on Snapchat.

Kérastase: K-SCAN

From the brand's inception, Kérastase has been at the forefront of hair and scalp assessment and health. After two years of development in L’Oréal research labs, K-SCAN harnesses artificial intelligence to power cameras for scanning and diagnostics, allowing stylists to offer more precise hair and scalp care and the ability to educate consumers more deeply through microscopic images and AI-powered analysis. Using three illumination modes (UV, white, and cross-polarized) and AI trained by more than 12,000 images, K-SCAN allows stylists to see directly into the scalp. The companion tablet app offers expert analysis of the scan and high-quality before and after photos, allowing clients to see the results of their Kérastase treatment instantly. The hairdresser can use the information to make more precise personal product recommendations for in-salon treatment and at-home care. K-SCAN will be launched as a pilot in Spain and Australia in Q4 2023, before a worldwide rollout in 2024.

Maybelline: Beauty App for Microsoft Teams

Maybelline New York and Microsoft Teams joined forces to develop the first-ever digital makeup bag for video conferencing. In one click, you can choose from 12 virtual looks created using digital representations of real products. Maybelline’s AR try-on services power the app, while ModiFace tech allows for previewing the chosen look before going live.


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