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Published September 21, 2020
Published September 21, 2020

This is a time in history when businesses and leaders will be defined by their actions. COVID-19 reinforced the reality that we are all interconnected. Now more then ever we need to go back to a time where business culture moves past the myopic focus on shareholders to a wider focus on stakeholders. The private sector has the ability and, one might argue, the responsibility to drive change, believe in impact, and nurture their communities.

Nordstrom is stepping up in this moment with the goal of educating, inspiring, and making it easy for employees and customers to make their voices heard—both through responding to the 2020 Census and by voting in upcoming primaries and elections. The retailer launched Make Your Voice Heard, a nationwide non-partisan voter participation initiative in partnership with nonprofits When We All Vote and the National Urban League.

In order to make getting to the polls easier and ensure everyone has the time to vote, Nordstrom is making November 3, 2020, a holiday for all its US employees. While stores and operations centers will remain open, the company will work with employees to set schedules which will enable them to get to the polls and providing discounted rides to the polls through Lyft.

Nordstrom is also introducing an exclusive collection of Nordstrom Made “VOTE” apparel for Men, Women and Kids to celebrate voters’ rights, with a portion of every purchase being donated to When We All Vote and the National Urban League.

“We believe every voice matters and our country is stronger when we all participate in the democratic process,” said Pete Nordstrom, President and Chief Brand Officer. “This initiative is a direct result of feedback we heard from more than 50,000 Nordstrom employees from all regions of the U.S. They told us they want to be actively engaged in their communities and help find solutions to the challenges we’re facing. Enabling them to make their voices heard by voting is a meaningful and productive way we can support our people and our communities.”

By partnering with When We All Vote and the National Urban League, Nordstrom aims to help increase participation in upcoming elections. Together, the organizations will bring the Make Your Voice Heard campaign to life through virtual learning series, digital volunteer opportunities, curbside voter registration, and a suite of online resources related to the 2020 Census, voter registration, education, and participation.

“As we continue to strive to change the culture around voting, expanding our work with a partner like Nordstrom through their Make Your Voice Heard initiative is critical. With this partnership, we will be able to reach new eligible voters via the entire Nordstrom community of employees and customers, helping us to fulfill our mission to increase voter participation in every election,” said Stephanie L. Young, Chief Officer for Culture and Communications, When We All Vote.

Another way Nordstrom is supporting employees to participate in the voting process is by partnering with Civic Alliance to connect employees to volunteer opportunities.

Follow Nordstrom’s lead and use your platform to create social change. We all have a part to play.


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