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Fire and Ice: With Its Massive New NYC Flagship, Therabody Reset Spotlights "Contrast Therapy"

Published November 26, 2023
Published November 26, 2023

Located just a few blocks from mega athlete hangout Madison Square Garden, the newest Therabody Reset is standing by to assist any Knicks or Rangers who need to work the kinks out before or after a big game. Via a comprehensive mix of modalities, including RecoveryAir Pneumatic Compression, PowerDot Electrical Stimulation, IV vitamin drips, and Reset’s first-ever use of contrast therapy combining infrared sauna with cold plunge and TheraMind Meditation, the massive new wellness destination is of course happy to help city dwellers meet their wellness goals, too.

Opened in late October, the sixth and latest Reset is in Manhattan West, the seven-million-square-foot mixed-use development by Brookfield Properties that borders Hudson Yards. And at close to 4,500 square feet, it’s bigger than its predecessors in Philadelphia, PA; California (Manhattan Beach and Los Angeles); Houston, Texas; and Skokie, Illinois.

“We consider Reset New York our flagship location,” says Benjamin Nazarian, Therabody’s Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer. “It boasts our largest footprint to date and includes contrast therapy, which members and customers have expressed a strong desire for. We know New Yorkers are focused on health and wellness, and we believe their fast-paced city lifestyles can especially benefit from the technologies offered at Reset.”

Three years since the first Reset opened in the Fishtown section of Philly, the company has tried to raise the bar with each subsequent location. Though there’s a consistency in design and aesthetics across all locations, the menu offerings are regularly tweaked.

“We’re constantly improving the services to meet what members and customers are looking for,” says Nazarian. “We look at each location as an opportunity to iterate and improve the Reset so we can deliver the best customer experience. For example, we’ll now be rolling contrast therapy out to other locations. We always take the opportunity to innovate without losing sight of our brand DNA and aesthetics.”

According to Nazarian, Therabody’s science and human performance team works directly with professional athletes to hone its advanced recovery and injury prevention programs, some of which include the brand’s famous percussive tools. “We’ve taken those learnings and integrated them into the modalities at Reset, so members and customers can have access to the same know-how about recovery, injury prevention, and overall wellness,” he says.

To staff the service-administering Wellness Specialist positions at the Reset locations, Therabody taps the fields of kinesiology, physical therapy, and massage therapy. Registered nurses tend to the company’s comprehensive IV menu, which encompasses drips and pushes, and also administer vitamin injections. Each Wellness Specialist is trained to help craft custom therapeutic plans that comfortably align with clients’ schedules and help them achieve their wellness goals.

“We want to be sure people can make the most of these therapies, in whatever time they have,” says Nazarian. “So whether someone wants to pop in during lunch for a single 30-minute treatment or spend the entire afternoon enjoying multiple treatments, they’ll leave Reset less sore or stressed, more relaxed, and maybe even better grounded.”

“People often find us as they’re looking for wellness solutions, because they’ve heard of a cutting-edge therapy but didn’t know if it would help them. Our brand and focus on science-backed solutions gives consumers the confidence that Reset can actually help them.”
By Benjamin Nazarian, Executive Chairman + Chief Strategy Officer, Therabody

As expected, cryotherapy has been an instant hit at the new Manhattan location. “It’s quick and yields rapid results,” says Nazarian. “We anticipate contrast therapy, cold plunge, and infrared sauna to be the most attractive treatments.”

Capitalizing on its popularity, cryotherapy is even offered in separate Daily Memberships at the New York location, ranging from $249 per month to $1,688 for 12 months. Other New York memberships include Gold, for which members can receive three treatments per day with complimentary add-on services for $399 per month or $3,488 for 12 months.

And for well-heeled Manhattanites who really want to go for it? They can pony up for the Platinum Memberships, which range from $549 per month to $4,688 for 12 months and include three services, four IV treatments, and complimentary add-ons daily.

For anyone who doesn’t have that much time on their hands—or money, for that matter—à la carte treatments start at $25 for 30-minute services such as RecoveryAir Pneumatic Compression or PowerDot Electrical Stimulation.

In keeping with the Reset business model, the Manhattan West location features a sizeable retail area stocked with Therabody’s ever-larger selection of “wellness-tech” tools. From the classic Theragun that put the brand on the map 14 years ago to the newer Smart Goggles, TheraFace, and TheraFace Mask, one would think that the name recognition generated by the products—which are now available in more than 10,000 doors in 60-plus countries—would lure consumers into trying the Reset treatments. But evidently that isn’t necessarily the case.

“We find that most people who come to Reset are not actually Therabody customers first,” says Nazarian. “People often find us as they’re looking for wellness solutions, because they’ve heard of a cutting-edge therapy but didn’t know if it would help them. Our brand and focus on science-backed solutions gives consumers the confidence that Reset can actually help them.”

And without question, Reset is integral to Therabody’s future. “Therabody products are used by professionals and consumers alike to help them take care of themselves,” says Nazarian. “However, there are also therapies that are not conducive for home use. We’re making those technologies available at Reset so they can benefit from them, which ladders up to our goal of helping more people lead better, longer, healthier lives.”


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