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OrangeTwist Acquires PURE Aesthetics + Wellness

Published June 26, 2019
Published June 26, 2019

OrangeTwist acquired PURE Aesthetics + Wellness to expand its offerings in non-invasive aesthetic treatments and introduce science-based health and wellness programs.

WHO: PURE Aesthetics + Wellness takes a holistic approach to health and beauty with a focus on addressing both the internal and external factors that affect the way we look and feel. PURE provides a variety of non-invasive, medical-grade aesthetic treatments that leverage the latest in technological advances alongside proven, science-based health and wellness programs.

OrangeTwist is a network of aesthetic treatment shops for people who want to look and feel their best. Their mission is to bring the latest in non-invasive treatments for body, face, and skin into the busy routines of people everywhere. OrangeTwist is one of the largest providers of CoolSculpting treatments, with four CoolSculpting machines per location.

WHY: The acquisition will offer a holistic approach to health and beauty with customizable treatments at OrangeTwist locations

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: "The OrangeTwist client is consistently seeking fresh, new options to looking and feeling their absolute best. We're thrilled to expand on our highly curated offerings to provide our clients with an even more personalized and holistic experience to be the best version of themselves," said Clint Carnell, OrangeTwist Co-Founder and Chairman. "We're especially looking forward to addressing the importance of internal health through an array of wellness services and programs that will assist clients in achieving healthy, sustainable results."

At PURE Aesthetics + Wellness, we are committed to working closely with all of our clients to determine their specific needs and adapting each service or treatment accordingly for a personalized approach that guarantees these needs are safely and effectively met," said Tom Forbath, President of PURE Aesthetics + Wellness. "With the acquisition, this approach will be expanded to reach new clients that are specifically interested in these type of offerings in the wellness space.


  • OrangeTwist acquired PURE Aesthetics + Wellness.
  • With this acquisition, OrangeTwist will now have a 15-center footprint across California, Nevada, Texas, and Washington.
  • All centers will look and operate as an OrangeTwist shop, including offering the existing curated menu of services, with the addition of IV therapy and wellness vitamin shots.

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