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Published February 22, 2021
Published February 22, 2021

Beiersdorf has introduced a personalized direct-to-consumer, vegan skincare brand called Only What’s Needed, or O.W.N. that was incubated in-house in response to consumers’ growing desire for personalization. The new brand will launch in key European markets with a simple routine consisting of facial cleansing plus day care as well as evening facial cleansing plus night care.

The O.W.N algorithm is based on real science, powered by artificial intelligence that brings together Beiersdorf’s 140 years’ of skincare expertise and data from over 10,000 women who measured their skin parameters daily, enabling 380,000 unique formula combinations.

“The launch of O.W.N strengthens our focus on personalized skin care innovations—based on individual needs and scientific findings,” explains Stefan De Loecker, Chief Executive Officer of Beiersdorf AG. “The whole project is an internal start-up: a few dedicated entrepreneurial people and a ton of passion and hard work managed to drum up support from all functions to make this happen.” The product range of O.W.N is based on the particular combination of the consumer’s skin condition and the consumer’s specific wish to improve their skin. “Our point of difference is that the products evolve automatically with every new order—including criteria such as lifestyle, people’s personal circumstances, or seasonal changes,” adds De Loecker. “With this holistic approach, we not only maintain a direct digital connection with consumers, but we also enhance our knowledge regarding consumers and their skin. This will help us to offer even better personalized solutions in the future.”

For Dr. Frank Schwanke, Manager of the Personalization Accelerator launched in 2019, cross-functional knowledge transfer at Beiersdorf also plays a key role in the continuous development of personalized skincare: “Our Personalization Accelerator is anchored in the R&D department and integrates a dynamic team from Supply Chain, IT, Marketing, and R&D. We bundle, structure, and strengthen synergies from various initiatives within the company. This is another strong point proving that our unique consumer knowledge is an enhancer to unlock white spot potential and to win with skin care.”

The brand represents Beiersdorf’s strategic focus of advancing digital transformation within the C.A.R.E.+ strategy.


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