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Published October 16, 2020
Published October 16, 2020
Patina Brands

British fragrance brand Perfumer H closed a minority investment from Patina Brands to support global expansion.

WHO: Perfumer H is the British fragrance house created by perfumer Lyn Harris in 2015 in an uncompromised desire to pioneer naturals back into perfumery.

Patina is an investor and active advisory house, secured by a global beauty holding company, that intends to strategically align with beauty brands that strongly resonate with the consumer values of today. Each member of the founding team arrives with expertise in an area integral to success in today’s market; collectively, these strengths enable the team to provide comprehensive, one-stop support for the growth of its portfolio brands.

WHY: The investment, which was born out of a natural alignment between the perfumer and the Patina team, will support the brand’s ongoing global expansion at the tail end of its strongest year to date.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Ransley Carpio, founder and Managing Director at Patina, said from their perspective, “Lyn and the brand embody the intuition and intention we seek in strategic partners. Her approach to product development, her hyper-selective retail strategy, and her singular London flagship each represent the kind of measured, patient approach rarely found in today’s consumer market. In the spirit of our philosophy, our investment is meant to fuel the continued execution of that approach at her pace, not influence it.”

“We are inherently attracted to brands who over-index on consumer resonance and thoughtful creation, even if it runs counter to the early-stage investment community’s traditional emphasis on pace of growth,” Brady Donnelly, founder and Managing Director at Patina, told Beauty Independent. “We’re willing to forego those traditions in order to support a vision we sincerely believe to be singular and calculated, and we strongly believe that to be the case with the brand Lyn and Christophe have set out to build.”


  • Patina Brands took a minority stake in Perfumer H.
  • The brand is reportedly coming off its best year (FY19 closed 3/31/20).
  • Prior to investing in Perfumer H, Patina backed Brooklyn-based sexual wellness brand Maude and Stockholm-based fragrance brand 19-69.

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