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Published June 25, 2020
Published June 25, 2020
Photo: via Peachy

Peachy is a new venture-backed skincare service concept set to launch its first studio in West SoHo, NYC. The brand was founded by Dr. Carolyn Treasure, a Harvard Medical School graduate and board-certified physician, and Eric Zhang, a former consumer and retail investment banker, to offer educational and inclusive wrinkle prevention solutions.

Founded in 2019, Peachy has set out to redefine the wrinkle prevention category focusing on the celebration of one’s natural appearance by catering to each client’s unique wrinkle-fighting needs. Its patent-pending approach to Botox provides the ability to prevent wrinkles with a scientifically rigorous approach focused on maintaining your natural appearance while leveraging the most effective tools available.

The brand’s solution-oriented framework uses Botox to prevent the transition of dynamic lines to static lines. This emphasis on targeted wrinkle prevention paired with the preservation of muscle movement and one’s natural appearance is at the heart of what Peachy does. This approach is embodied in all of its product and service offerings:

  1. Preventative Botox – Through the strategic use of its proprietary, prevention-focused dosing algorithm, Peachy develops custom treatment plans for each customer, using only the exact amount of neuromodulator needed (i.e., Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, or Jeuveau). By viewing Botox as a long-term investment, clients are able to prevent wrinkles without altering their natural appearance.
  2. Prescription Retinoids – Peachy’s prescription retinoids combine tretinoin, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C for a more luxurious, soothing cream. By increasing collagen production, the vegan nightly cream visibly minimizes fine lines within the first four months of usage. Peachy Providers help clients determine the right dosage of tretinoin based on their skin’s hydration levels among other variables, and Peachy then ships the prescription right to their door.
  3. Daily-Use Mineral Sunscreen – Because photodamage is responsible for about 80% of facial aging, Peachy offers sunscreen products designed to be worn daily. All four products are clean, cruelty-free, and paraben-free, and they exclusively use physical filters (i.e., zinc oxide, titanium dioxide).

Peachy leverages technology to transform the wrinkle prevention space and further its goal of offering wrinkle prevention without judgment. Through extensive clinical and patient experience, the Peachy Clinical Team developed a preventative Botox dosing program, which was then converted into a predictive algorithm based on multivariate regression analyses. Peachy’s program takes into account five key variables ranging from the appearance of existing dynamic lines to the amount of muscle movement each individual wishes to retain.

When clients arrive at the Studio, they’ll step into Peachy’s photography room where a set of four images will be taken. Based on the photographs, a Peachy Provider inputs the client’s unique variables into the predictive algorithm and receives a preventative dosing recommendation. Each Provider then collaborates with the client to fine-tune the treatment plan.

Botox treatments are offered for a flat fee, reinforcing its ethos of transparency and eliminating the potential for surprises. The consultation with a Peachy Provider is always complimentary, and all dosages of preventative Botox are priced at $375 with no cap on the units used (inclusive of a two-week dose adjustment). At Peachy, Botox is not one-size-fits-all; rather the emphasis is on results over time, and the flat-fee pricing model is designed to best suit this intent.

“When I first explored preventative Botox in my mid-20s, I often felt pressured to consider injectables or other appearance-altering treatments,” said Dr. Carolyn Treasure, co-founder and CEO of Peachy. “As soon as I started medical school at Harvard, friends and family reached out with a surprising number of questions about wrinkles, leading to my becoming a full-blown wrinkle nerd. I ultimately realized that a straightforward, scientifically-backed wrinkle prevention framework was missing from the marketplace and created the Peachy Formula. Since then, I’ve been continuously inspired to create the experience I would’ve loved when I started my wrinkle prevention journey—an approachable space rooted in science.”

The individual treatment rooms at the Peachy Studio are perfectly designed to maintain social distancing measures and follow all CDC guidelines. Peachy is taking any and all precautions necessary to protect its customers and staff while ensuring that Peachy Providers can continue to deliver the highest levels of care. A strict mask policy has been implemented throughout the Studio, requiring all Providers to wear N95 respirator masks. Other members of the Peachy staff and all Studio guests must wear either surgical or cloth masks at all times.

Because Peachy only administers Botox to the three FDA-approved locations (crow’s feet, forehead, and between the eyebrows), masks can be worn throughout your entire visit with absolutely no impact to your treatment. Peachy has reduced staff and capacity to limit interactions within the Studio, striving to make every visit comfortable and safe.

Peachy has seen recent investments from notable founders and investors such as BrandProject, Brand Foundry Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, and Pascal Capital. The brand is currently scouting locations to open additional NYC studios by the end of 2020.


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