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Peninsula Capital Buys Italian ISEM Bramucci Packaging Firm

June 7, 2022
June 7, 2022
ISEM Bramucci

Investment firm Peninsula Capital has agreed to buy Italian premium packaging firm ISEM Bramucci in a $97 million deal.

WHO: The Italian packaging firm, which was formed by a merger between France's ISEM and Grafiche Bramucci, produces luxury rigid boxes and folding cartons to hold fragrances, cosmetics, and champagne bottles.

WHY: The deal furthers Peninsula Capital's goal of targeted further acquisitions in the still-fragmented packaging industry.


  • Peninsula Capital agreed to buy ISEM Bramucci in a deal worth around 90 million euros ($97 million). 
  • Peninsula said ISEM Bramucci would continue to be led by current CEO Francesco Pintucci, while the chairmanship would be taken by Marco Giovannini, former CEO and chairman of Guala Closures.
  • Peninsula owns a significant minority stake in Italian makeup brand Kiko Milano, which is among ISEM Bramucci's customers.

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