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Published February 11, 2019
Published February 11, 2019

Another DTC disrupter brand gets snapped up by a strategic with Proctor & Gamble’s acquisition of one of the fastest-growing feminine care brands, This Is L. The brand’s purpose-driven positioning and design fits the growing consumer demands for period products in the natural segment and their demand for socially responsible brands. According to TechCrunch, the sale was in the neighborhood of $100 million.

“This acquisition is a perfect complement to our Always and Tampax portfolio, with its commitment to a shared mission to advocate for girls’ confidence and serve more women,” Jennifer Davis, President, P&G Global Feminine Care said in a statement. “We feel this is a strong union and together we can be a greater force for good.”

L. has experienced rapid growth, breaking barriers and making their products available to consumers in more than 5,000 stores across the US. With its donation program, the company is on track to provide access to over 250 million products, bringing the efforts to unprecedented scale. L. has taken a unique approach to this program, increasing local access to products by working with partners that provide tools such as pad-manufacturing machines to not only make these products available to those who need them, but also to fuel women’s entrepreneurship.

“Our strong growth has enabled us to stand in solidarity with women in more than 20 countries,” says Talia Frenkel, CEO of This Is L. “Our support has ranged from partnering with organizations to send period products to Native communities in South Dakota, to supplying pad-making machines to a women-led business in Tamil Nadu. Pairing our purpose with P&G’s expertise, scale and resources provides an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to a more equitable world.”


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