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Product Design with a Purpose: Jillian Dempsey's New Launch

Published November 10, 2021
Published November 10, 2021
Jillian Dempsey

Jillian Dempsey, the legendary makeup artist, hairdresser, sculptor, painter, entrepreneur, and animal activist, has spent her entire career on a perpetual search for innovative approaches to beauty. She's not only a prolific creative, she's also a builder capable of turning ideas into tangible things, which is embodied in the Lip Locket Necklace, her latest launch.

This is the first product in the Jillian Dempsey range that combines her passions as a makeup artist and jewelry designer. The necklace was inspired by the one-of-a-kind "Punk Lock" necklace Jillian made for Kristen Stewart almost a decade ago that she is rarely seen without.

The Lip Locket Necklace is a statement piece with optionality. Designed in silver and gold plate, in 18" or 24" length, the necklace comes with four cruelty-free, vegan, and natural lip shades (Maryl Mulberry, Royce Red, Knownothing Nude, and Quando Pink) that can be added and removed. This sustainable, refillable piece of jewelry also includes a full setup with a safety pin for easy "pop-out" lip shade exchanges and custom tape strips for the bottom of each lip tint pan. Simply lift the lid on the locket box, add or remove one of the selection of four shades depending on your mood, apply, and go.

Dempsey said of the launch, "Two of my favorite worlds combined: jewelry and makeup. I designed this for the person who is into the idea of a quick and convenient touch-up or simply a new way to wear a unique custom design with a purpose."

Dempsey's namesake brand is steeped in meticulous appreciation for color and texture, and made with her fashion-forward, organic, cruelty-free ethos. This latest launch reflects a commitment to filling a genuine need and not further cluttering an already abundant market. Do you need it? Maybe not, but this is a statement-making launch in a saturated category. The Lip Locket Necklace is priced from $485-$925 and available on FYFE Beauty.

Jillian Dempsey in conversation with BeautyMatter founder Kelly Kovack.

The most prolific creatives not only have ideas that many would consider to be “out of the box” but they have the ability to execute on them. The most diligent creatives are also builders turning them into real tangible things - they simply can’t help themselves. They commit an insane amount of time to their work without holding back. Jillian shares with Kelly how she is constantly searching for innovative approaches and fresh perspectives to beauty. Click here to listen.


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